I’m new to the world of anime, mainly through Toonami. Yet I’ve known about it for a long time, especially through comics. Comics can have a magna or anime feel. But what is the difference? What is magna? What is anime? I’ve heard anime in refrence to TV, film, and comics. I’ve only heard magna in refrence to comics. I’m looking for some help in understanding anime.

In Japan there is a pretty strict division between the two. Manga refers solely to the comics. Anime refers to the actual animated Manga stories (i’m not sure, but the word comes from the word animation).

Manga is written for everyone (they even have manga targeted at housewives), while anime tends to be a little more for children (Pokemon, Sailor Moon), dirty men (La Blue Girl), and teen to college age guys (Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon) :).

Most anime you get in the US is aimed at children (Pokemon), boys (Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing), and in the hentai market (hentai means prevert), horny college age guys, or dirty men. The “graphic novels” you buy in comic book stores are manga.

A lot of this is tongue in cheek, so i hope the *otakus on the board dont take too much offense, or none at all. I’m sure if i’ve goofed any info they’ll correct me. :smiley:

*otaku is the label hardcore anime and manga fans take for themselves. It’s actually fairly derogatory in Japan, and means something like geek or nerd (used to describe someone who has WAY too much interest in something).

By the way, I like what they show on Toonami. Well, I at least like the Tenchi Muyo series they’ve been showing (currently Tenchi in Tokyo).

Thank you. That’s what I thought but I didn’t know for sure. Some magazines when refrencing a comic book artist style sometimes refer to it as magna or anime influenced, but using both terms which becomes confusing.

There’s even a humourous thread in IMHO that was helpful in describing anime but didn’t address the magna/anime difference.

The Laws of Anime

Here’s a link which you may find useful:

Also try They have a ton of good links on the subject.

In general, manga = Japanese comic books and anime = Japanese cartoons. Both are written pretty much for everyone, though the biggest markets seem to be for high school aged girls, adolescent and college-aged boys, and kids. Both also use many of the same artistic styles and so forth.

Anime seems to be produced for pretty much all the demographics for which manga is produced, which is not surprising, since many anime series have their start as manga series which simply got popular enough for a TV release. (It’s tempting to say that anime is primarily produced for college-aged males and kids, since that’s who usually watches it in the US. But bear in mind that most anime, even for girls and kids, contains sci-fi elements and a certain amount of sex, which tends to restrict the US audience to males of college age and above. These elements seem to be popular with a much more broad market in Japan.) However, anime is not simply animated manga, since there are many shows which are original to the medium, or which began as an OAV (direct-to-video - “Original Animation Video”) release or even a video game (e.g., Pokemon).

I have been an anime fan for over two years. I don’t see why everyone is saying anime is for college boys and kids. A lot of shows are directed towards girls like marmalade boy, fushigi yuugi, and hana yori dango. These are like anime soap operas and are made for teen girls. You can find a show to fit almost anything.
As for the words, I am taking Japanese and manga is the japanese word for comic. Anime is the way they say animation, they just “shorten everything” (quoting my teacher) convenience store is conbenio and restraunt is resutoran so animation is anime. In the U.S. though Anime tends to be an all inclusive title for both.
I tend to not like toonami cause they really butchered sailor moon. If you watch it in japanese Uranus and neptune are lovers and saturn is the anti-christ adn it can be really cool. I’ve heard they dont do so bad with dragon ball z and gundam but I quit watching it on tv and started renting and buying tapes. Keep watching Toonami though, one of my fave shows is going to start Jan 15, Outlaw star!!

Mark: I think that it’s interesting that in Japan the cartoon that causes seziures and has Pikachu is called ‘Poket Monsters’, while the American version has been shortened to Pokemon…

I didnt say it was ALL for boys and college age guys. I do know that a lot is for girls, but the majority of it is generally aimed towards people between the ages of about 8 - 25. I doubt there’s an anime made from the manga for businessmen, or for housewives. And series like Tenchi Muyo are targeted at both girls and boys (gun fights and action for boys, the relationship between tenchi and all the ladies for the girls). Also, the hentai market is fairly large as well.

I did some research a couple of years ago on this very subject for a Japanese culture class in my University, and what i found that a lot was indeed meant for boys and college age guys. That’s not saying all of it is meant for college age guys and boys.

Personally, I’d say the relationships are as much for the guys as the action is. I mean…what guy doesn’t want 2 good looking girls fighting over him?

Tenchi is the ultimate Shonen show, IMO…

BTW, the only thing I’d take issue with in your original post is the line ‘Anime refers to the actual animated Manga stories’ which implies that ALL anime are from manga which isn’t true. A good deal are original (although many of them get adapted into manga - Gundam, Macross, Escaflowne (Both a shonen and a shojo series based on it, IIRC), Tenchi, etc…).

For those who are complete anime-virgins:

Shonen is Japanese for pretty boy and usually has a very attractive young man (or young men) as the protagonist(s). Tenchi Muyo is a shonen anime.

Shojo (or shoujo) is pretty girl and usually has a very attractive young woman (or women) as the protagonist(s). Sailor Moon is a shojo anime.

Eeeeh, not quite.

Shonen and Shojo are YOUNG boy/girl. They refer to the genres aimed at those groups. (The equivelant for older readers are Seinen and Josei.)

Bishonen and Bishojo are Pretty boy/girl.

Bishonen are (generally) a Shojo phenomenon - and also usually very feminine (But some have taken to using it to mean ‘Guy I think is hot’ - I dislike that usage.). Bishojo…well…it’s not as a strictly defined word, but it would be a Shonen phenomenon.

(An exception to the above rule would be Gundam Wing which is a Shonen show, but full of Bishonen. And a huge feminine following. These two points follow.)

*Originally posted by Doobieous *

I said anything not anyone, meaning sci fi, fantasy, horror, romance, etc. :slight_smile:


Yeah, you caught me, I misread (that’s what I get for skimming) and was eager to post. It’s not to often an anime thread comes along.
On the word otaku, if you ever want to call yourself that watch “Otaku no Video” (released by Animeigo). My anime club at school showed that and after seeing real japanese otaku you’ll never want to be associated with that word again (and that was their reason for showing it) :smiley:

Think of how I feel when an [American] animation thread (not started by me) comes up. Regarding mechanics and not “Scooby sucks,” or “X is my fav,” those are quite rare.

So, Intrigue, is Outlaw Star any good? The Toonami promos look quite cool, however they made Sailor Moon look good.

Anyway, in the case of edits (and you know they are going to put pants on that naked girl) I wonder how much control, or supervision comes from Toonami? I know they were hands on in the case of the Tenchi triad and Gundam Wing, but I wonder how much they had over Sailor Moon or DBZ. (I believed they let Funimation do whatever they wished with DBZ. I honestly have no clue how much deferral was given or which way it went in respect with Cloverway and Cartoon Network.)

They’re putting PANTS on Melfina??? NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why oh why did they have to choose outlaw star???
Anyway yes it’s a very good show, though my friend insists there’s not much plot (she started watching in the middle of the series). If you get the chance watch it subtitles or at least unedited. It’s set in space (obviously) and the main characters are trying to find why melfina was created and the galactic ley line, which is connected to her past, while avoiding pirates and other people who want their ship (which is also connected to her) and melfina and trying to make money so they can keep looking. It’s one of my favorites (my others being Rurouni Kenshin and Kareshi kanojyo no jijyo). I’ve heard that the voice actors were called in to redo some parts so there is editing script wise (I really dont like the dub voices). As for sailor moon I have read that cartoon network didnt have anything to do with the dub. I know a company in Canada did those and I think CN had to buy them as is, I am so glad I got the fansubs before the S season came out. I dont know about the other shows because I dont watch toonami anymore but I think I’m going to try and catch outlaw star, just to see what they do with the gay guy, nudity, and other interesting sittuations that come up :smiley:

Oh wait, do you mean you think they’ll put pants on he or you’ve heard it? Her nudity on the ship isnt all that bad, she’s mostly covered up. God I hope they dont really do that… ::calm down I.Q. it’s okay, it’s just a show::breath::
:smiley: :smiley:

Animation is not automatically a children-only ghetto the world over! – BobSchroeck
I’ve heard the pants thing off the grapevine – so to speak. Since I don’t have any people closer than Ft. Benning, GA; I can’t say with any possible confidence about what they’ll do at Cartoon Network. This was also the same grapevine, where I heard [too] that the VAs were called back to re-dub some dialogue. To make Gene less of a rascal who gets his groove on, I suppose. (Unfortunately, this was also the same vine that thought OS would be cut to fifteen eps because Cartoon Network’s internal grid wasn’t updated beyond January at the time.)

Though unless the nudity is benign or abstract, I don’t doubt that it will either be cut or digitally repainted, a la Tenchi. I recall Sean Akins saying so himself. Cartoons are kids stuff after all. :rolleyes:

Actually strike that benign part. There is no such thing as benign nudity. Not even if you shower or bathe. Benign violence, however…

Anyway, I’m meaning to check out the original Outlaw Star from my anime rental place, but I’m still overdue in checking out Escaflowne as noted in this thread. Also I’m told Card Captor Sakura is better than WB styled Cardcaptors. But I doubt it would be my cup of tea anyway.

However, I have gotten into Gunsmith Cats for some reason.

Toonami is hilarious in the cuts…loads of them

Sailor Moon has cousins now instead of lovers and no nipples in the transformation. The talks between those two are hilarious to anyone who has seen the originals

Tenchi Muyo seems to have the strongest “tea” ever made. Apparently seeing the bunch drinking Saki would cause millions of youths to run rapant in the street downing warm rice wine.

and now the Outlaw Star is being chopped.

Oh well, at least I can watch it at night without going up to Chinatown to find a copy

Heath Doolin I dont think there are nipples in the sailor moon transformations. Cartoon network (or whoever) did have some of the outline of their boobs erased so it wasnt quite so…outlined I guess, but I have never noticed nipples in my fansubs.

SterlingNorth, melfina’s nudity (at least when she’s on the ship) is less than the sailor moon transformations. She has her arms crossed over her chest and the tube she is in has pieces of solid material covering her around the waist, I dont remember if it goes all the way to the floor or not. In other parts (like the first episode) she just stands their naked. Man, I dont want the to put OS on tv!!! Gunsmith cats is pretty good. I do think it’s more of a “guy” cartoon though :D. Escaflowne is great (love the music!) and I’ve been told the dub isnt that bad, though I havent seen it myself. Cardcaptors is a joke, Card captor sakura is great, a true clamp series with homosexual undertones everywhere, just like x/1999 :wink: but guys tend to not like it very much. This show was made for little girls, with the cute clothes and costumes and everything.

I watch Tenchi Muyo with my niece quite often, and she gets giggle fits when the gang starts drinking “tea” (as opposed to tea, which they do drink on occasion). I find it rather funny myself. I do wish someone would show unbutchered versions on the air–I’m sick of having to scrounge for tapes. I’ve been looking forward to Outlaw Star–I hope they don’t mangle it too badly.

There are several stores around me that carry a good supply of anime but I have to buy them. It has been the biggest intimdator to me yet. The video rental places around me carry only a very limited amount. Recently, I have been able to watch some of the stuff on the Encore-Action channel Saturday nights around 11:00.

Being a newbie, where should I start? I’m talking about purchasing videos or DVDs but on a limited budget. (Not too limited, but no big series like DBZ) I’m looking for quality in storyline and dialouge. MS Gundam over DBZ. I also have no hangups about dubbing or subtitles. Yet.

I was started with the Rayearth OVA’s, the X movie, and a show called Gestalt. I would suggest Neon Genisis Evangeleon (the dub’s actually not too bad) The Rayearth OVAs (oav) and if you want something crazy try childs toy, you can get it fansubbed for about $7 a tape. For horror try the mermaid scar or mermaid forest movies, for pointless violence try berserk, Bastard is good too. If you go to fansub sites you can get really good shows that arent out in america for a lot less. If you tell me what you like I can try and make better suggestions :slight_smile: I’ve seen lots of random stuff through my anime club and the two anime rental places here.