Ann Richards is dead

Link. The person who coined “Shrub” is gone. Too damn bad. She was a fighter.

A stellar woman. She will be missed greatly.

Oh man… think of how history might’ve been different if she’d won that second term.

Sorry to see you go, ma’am. You rocked.

She was funny on “King of the Hill”.

My second favorite political line of all time, after “I am not a crook.”

“He [Bush the elder] was born with a silver foot in his mouth.”

I’ll never forget the election for Texas Governor while I was going to school there. What a mud fest. Anne Richards was well known for doing blow, a charge she didn’t exactly deny by saying “No comment” every time it was brought up.

Her opponent? A hard-core asshole named Clayton Williams. I can still remember his commercial: “Kids smikin’ marijuana? I’ll put ‘em in a BOOT camp! Introduce them to the joys of bustin’ rocks!”

Clayton ultimately blew the election by making this comment to a bunch of reporters while he’d invited them to a campfire: “Light rain is just like gettin’ raped - you should just sit back, and enjoy it.”


His rebuttal, when (not unreasonably) everyone was aghast by the comment: “Eh, it was just a bunch of good ol’ boys around a campfire.”

He lost.

Wasn’t it Molly Ivins who came up with that nickname?

In any case: RIP, Gov. Richards.

Wow, there aren’t many politicians Texans can be proud of. Ann Richards was one of them.

Sad news.

My favorite line of hers: Dubya “was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.”

Ah. I was just coming here to post that. RIP Ann. You were one-of-a-kind.

Texas has a history of surviving hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters. It’s damaging and painful and expensive while it’s happening, and it takes a helluva long time to clean up after it.

We’re still cleaning up after Ann.

Really? Eleven and a half years of Republican control haven’t managed to “clean up” from her four? How efficient.

Yeah, I’d be interested in knowing exactly what Ann Richards screwed up that has taken 11 years to clean up, since the Texas govornorship and legislature have been in overwhelmingly Republican control. So, in other words, Clothahump, do you have a credible cite for that or are you just talking out your ass about someone who just died?

Damn, Frank- that was just beautiful.

I’ll miss Ann. I didn’t always agree with her politics, but she was always a fine politician. I sat next to her one time in a restaurant, and she seemed a very nice woman, as well.

Rest in peace.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Where’s the cite on this, Clothahump?

If only we could have cloned the honorable Ms. Richards before she passed. We need more like her, especially in TX where we currently suffer under former Gov. Bush’s lackey, Governor “GoodHair”.

Okay. At least his hair is cool. He’s got the politician lacquered helmet 'do. :smiley:
RIP Ann. You were a fine leader and great Texan.

I had the honor of meeting her twice; once when she was governor and again a few years later.

Indiana Repub here & I always got a kick out of Ann Richards, didn’t agree with her & wouldn’t have voted for her & Indiana is a long way from Texas, but still liked her.

Things just seem a little blander today without her,

That esophegeal cancer must be as bad as they say because it wasn’t any time ago at all that she was announcing learning of the prognosis.

While I didn’t always agree with her, I did admire her intellect and spunk. She and Texas were good for each other and I’m not sure how long it’ll be before anyone even remotely like her comes along again. I appreciate her service and know we’re richer for it.

I voted for her once, mainly because Clayton Williams was a bozo. And on the whole, she was a pretty good governor.

Look, MOST of the things a governor or mayor has to do are pretty mundane, unexciting things. Important, to be sure, but not the stuff that gets voters energized. The basic things, like providing services and balancing the budget, rarely have much to do with ideology.

And in those regards, Ann Richards was a very smart, honest and effective administrator.

I voted against her when she was up for re-election, but there was NO “mess” for anyone to clean up after she left.

Attributed to Gov. Richards, speaking of a political opponent: " Aw hell, he wears his pants so tight that if he farted he’d blow his boots off!"

I loved her Doritos commercial after she lost her bid for re-election!

She was a spitfire, for sure, and she will be missed.