Anna Kendrick in seven movies this year

Ever notice how an actor can become popular and suddenly they’re appearing everywhere?

I was trying to remember the name of an upcoming movie I had seen a trailer for. I remembered it had Anna Kendrick in it. So I checked IMDB.

Kendrick has seven movies that are being released in 2016: The Accountant, Get a Job, The Hollars, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Mr. Right, Table 19, and Trolls. And these aren’t cameos; she’s one of the lead characters in all seven.

Is this a new record? If so, Kendrick might be breaking her own record; she was in six movies that were released in 2014.

I would guess that bigger name actors and actresses get approached for many many roles. At some point, they may decide they just want to work and take a slug of them at a time. I’m thinking Liam Neeson after his wife passed and Nicholas Cage after his cash flow problems.

It may also be that they had movies in the can that were not previously released for some reason and due to their rising popularity studios put out the movie to cash in on the rise. One of Kendrick’s films you have listed, Get a Job, was actually filmed in 2012 and is only now being released.

And I’m not complaining at all about Kendrick. She can make movies about telemarketing and I’d watch because…reasons.

I agree with those ‘reasons’.


Actresses in particular probably feel a lot of pressure to make hay while the sun shines, since their shelf life in Hollywood is typically so short.

Also, bear in mind that a lot of the movies she has coming out are the type that did not require a huge time commitment on her part. **Trolls **was voice-work so the work probably happened in 2014 or 15 to get a 2016 release on an animated film and the recording probably lasted a week or less if it was a major role and did not require many changes after the initial sessions. If it is a smaller role, she could have ben done in a day or two. All told, since Trolls and **Get A Job **did not happen recently, you are looking at maybe 6 months worth of filming and rehearsal times for all of it. Good work if you can get it.

Eric Roberts scoffs at her laziness.

Doesn’t she also have like three Pitch Perfects coming out this year?

Zac Efron and Aubrey Plaza are also both in like 4 movies this year (including Mike and Dave which actually looks really funny).

So basically “Up in the Air”.

2016 Black Wake (post-production)
Dr. Frank
2016/II Bleach (filming)
2016 Devil Dogs (Short) (completed)
Col. Armstrong
2016/I Father (post-production)
Dr. Eric Owens
2016 Hometown Hero (post-production)
Gunnar Hansen
2016 Oiled Up (Short) (post-production)
Loan Shark
2016 Santa’s Boot Camp (completed)
Mall Santa
2016 School’s Out (completed)
Eric Roberts
2016 Six Matches (Short) (post-production)
2016 Taco Shop (completed)
Old School Eddie
2016 The Sector (completed)
Senator Allen
2016 The Wind Walker (post-production)
Mr. Jacobsen
2016 Victory by Submission (post-production)
Leon ‘The Neon’ Harris
2016 You’re Gonna Miss Me (post-production)
Lawrence Graves
2016 Inferno by Dante (post-production)
Dante (voice)
2016 The Private Eye (pre-production)
2016 Past Due (pre-production)
Ray Weaver
2016/II Snare (post-production)
2016 Unbridled (post-production)
Roger Donigal
2016 Days of Power (completed)
2016 The Beautiful Ones (post-production)
2016 The Downside of Bliss (post-production)
2016 The Rally-LA (completed)
2016 Compadres (post-production)
2016 Lux in Tenebris (completed)
Pokerboss Dean Deus
2016 But Deliver Us from Evil (completed)
Leigh Warring
2016/I Actors Anonymous (post-production)
2016 EuroClub (post-production)
Uncle Nicky
2016 Euro Kings (post-production)
Uncle Nicky
2016 In This Our Youth (post-production)
2016 Maximum Impact (post-production)
Secretary of State Robert Jacobs
2016 Osprey (post-production)
2016 Running with Fear (post-production)
Dr. Mattson
2016 The Best Thanksgiving Ever (completed)
2016 The Legacy of Avril Kyte (announced)
2016/II The Summoning (post-production)
Chief Lubbock
2016 Wild Things in Europe 3D (announced)
Detective Novak


I quite enjoyed Up in the Air - caught it on video at some point. How bad is it if after I watched that, I went back and watched some of the Twilight movies because Kendrick was in them? Hypothetically.

That’s probably the biggest reason. Kendrick is 30 so she still has a couple of years left to bank in on lighthearted romantic comedies. Male actors can pace their careers a lot better and not risk audience fatigue. Kendrick is now an internet darling and there’s always an inevitable backlash when their real personality doesn’t quite match up with what the masses imagined it to be. Something that’s happening to Jennifer Lawrence right now.

Wow, some unnamed twitter users said things. That’s pretty damning.

Well, this is something that grows slowly. There’s always going to be more slips of the tongue or disappointing fan encounters on a bad day that gets blown up on social media.

Either she still looks really young or I am getting really old.

Why not both?

My heart breaks a little every time I see a story that’s essentially a collection of tweets by absolute nobodies.

Pfft, check out Jessica Chastain. She did 7 in 2011, and has 6 this year. The other years aren’t slacking either.

This was a huge deal in the JLaw fandom. Twitter is where they congregate. The idea that Twitter is no big deal is really old.

Every single time I see JLaw mentioned no Reddit (who absolutely worshipped her), I now see people calling her a racist over this.

So, she’s this year’s Jude Law (from that year of the Chris Rock Oscars joke about how when no one could cast their first choice they settled for Jude Law)?

Timeless, one might say.

Only time twitter has a point is when some nobody is tweeting about the tanks rolling down their street.

Some nobody hating a celebrity? Are there any celebrities who don’t get hate tweets?