What under-30 actors will still be working a decade from now?

I’m fairly sure we’ve discussed this before. Why, I may have even be the one to start the thread. But there’s no way to prove it, as board search is terribly wonky and every time I enter my own name into Google Search, I get a response of “No! No, I am NOT participating in Rhymer lunacy! Go fuck a cart catalog, you sick freak!”

Anyhow … restricting yourself to currently successful actors of either gender under the age of 30 as of 31 December 2015, whom are you willing to predict will still be appearing in movies or TV ten years from now? Contrariwise, whom do you expect to crash and burn any day now?

Oh, and show your work. No, that doesn’t mean you have to include skin shots of the performers in question. Actually it doesn’t mean anything; I just like typing “show your work.”

And stop waiting for the poll. How the hell would that even work?

I predicted DiCaprio’s ultimate recovery from Titanic, and I here predict --again–Kristin Stewart’s ascension to the upper ranks once the Twilight smudge wears off.

There’s an obvious temptation to say Jennifer Lawrence. She’s won an Oscar and had several major hits.

But honestly, I don’t know if her career will last in the long term. The fact that she’s so big now risks her career burning out from over-exposure. And the kind of movies she’s been making - action thrillers and romance - will be harder for her to do when she’s in her thirties and forties. I think she’ll still be working in ten years - but probably at a lower level like a television series.

Jennifer Lawrence should definately be working 10 years from now. In her good roles she’s been playing someone seemingly older than herself.

On the opposite end I can’t see Shailene Woodley doing much after the Divergent series wraps up. Her acting isn’t that great and her emotional scenes aren’t that convincing.

I’m curious by exactly what you mean by “still working”? For example, a 20-something actor who’s currently acting in A-list film and TV projects but reduced to doing obscure straight-to-video dreck and cheesy reality shows ten years later will be “still working” even though his or her level of fame has sharply declined. Are you really asking us to predict what under-30 actors will maintain or have a greater level of fame a decade from now?

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

Both from Harry Potter and both really great actors.

Masie Williams, best known as Arya Stark from Game Of Thrones. Great actress, funny, and smart.

Is she the little girl who got burned at the stake?

He’s clever. It’s all a setup for “No, that doesn’t mean you have to include skin shots of the performers in question.”. He knows the typical hypothecist will be contrarian and send in those skin shots.

Corporal_Nobbs beat me to my answer. Maisie is already very talented even at such a young age. Unless she simply decides to go into a different career, she will easily be working on film or on television for another decade.

I am not wearing my evil hat for this thread. My cite is (a) the fact that the manipulation you suggest would be unnecessary, as I could just as easily type “hot redheaded actress” into Google Image Search; and (b) the fact that you are not currently being throttled by the Emma-Stone model slapbot.

Use your own judgment, man. I am not the boss of you.

No, that’s Kerry Ingram, who played Shireen Baratheon.

No she is the tomboy girl who was learning to swordfight before her father (Ned) was beheaded, then went on a massive road trip round Westeros… Also appearing in DrWho and a few other British dramas, unless she decides to bugger off from acting she has an amazing future im sure. Is becoming a pretty woman too…

I haven’t seen her most recent film with Ah-nold, but Abigail Breslin has a good chance at a long career if she can stay away from junk movies.

I think Hailee Steinfeld, who played Mattie in the remake of True Grit, has an excellent future ahead of her. She even sang a song in Pitch Perfect 2.

Her performance in *American Hustle *convinced me that 20 years from now, she’ll be Meryl Streep. She was that good.

I saw her in American Hustle and she was great in it. But roles like that are rare for any actress. Lawrence was lucky to get that role but can she count on getting several more like it?

Skipping some of the excellent choices above, I’m gonna go with Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Raymond-James, Elizabeth Olsen, Ezra Miller, Juno Temple and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I also think Tom Hiddleston will soon be someone to watch when they release his Hank Williams biopic.

She will if she insists on it. If she’s smart enough to do the “one for me, one for them” thing, works with good directors and writers, and avoids typecasting, then I predict a very long, successful career.

According to the IDMB, her next films are being directed by Richard Linklater, Stephen Spielberg and David O. Russel (again - always good to be one of a talented director’s regular actors). That bodes well.