What young, hot, currently successful actresses will still be successful at 50-plus?

I specify actresses in the thread titles because it tends to be easier for men to be perceived as attractive as they go through middle age.

I am going to define young as 30 and under.

I decline to define hot except to mean “in the eye of the beholder.” I mean, I think Natalie Portman is the most beautiful woman alive today, but I know others who think she is, at best, average.

Natalie Portman, incidentally, is my pick. I recently heard a reviewer on NPR comment that her beauty actually makes it harder for her to be taken seriously despite her great talent, and I’d say that’s true. Should she opt to stay in the business, I think she’ll be active and acclaimed well into her 60s, if not longer.

Anybody else?

Kate Winslett

… was born on 5 October 1975, according to Wikipedia. By standard arithmetic that makes her 34 years old, which, in most countries, is thought to be greater than 30.

ETA: She is a goddess, though, even with the extra T. :cool:

These days 50 is considered still young. In fact if you are Tina Turner 70 is still young.

I suspect that Anne Hathaway will stick around. I don’t get the sense that she’ll get married and quit acting, and she’s portrayed as a serious actress already, so she doesn’t need to break into it before she hits 30.

Dakota Fanning probably has the talent to go the distance, though I would decline to evaluate her “hotness” just yet.

Did not realize she was that old. That makes me feel old.

It will not be Megan Fox by any stretch of the imagination, unless of course, she somehow pulls off a Janice Dickenson and then she’ll never go away.

Wise of you. :smiley:

If if makes you feel better, she was my first thought when I began the thread. But then I realized I’ve known her name for nearly twenty years now.

A name most people don’t know, so some not in the loop might quibble with the “*currently *successful” but they will soon understand.

Carey Mulligan

She’s 24 and is, I have no doubt, about ready to receive her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress (for An Education). She won’t win, but it won’t be her last nomination. It’ll get her name better-known and I’m assuming she’ll be the next Kate Winslet with many more nominations in her future.

Anna Paquin. Young? Born in '82, so she just barely qualifies for the 30 year old cutoff.

Successful? Already has one Oscar. Lead actress in (arguably) HBO’s premiere series right now. Mainstream success with the X-Men series, Almost Famous, She’s All That, etc.

Hot? The sight of her in True Blood is enough to make a man weep.

And damn Kate Winslet for being a little too old, because she owns this thread.

She was, rather interestingly, just pushed in a Japanese entertainment news article as being the next “Audrey Hepburn”.


I haven’t seen her in anything yet, meself.

My first choices, Amy Adams and Rachel Weisz, are apparently too old now, so my submission is Ellen Page.

Sure, but not in lust. She was attractive enough as Rogue, but I find her the antithesis of attractive as Sookie.

I think she’s hot as Sookie.

Who is unfortunately already destroying her good looks wiht plastic surgery.

I’m sorry to do this in Cafe Society, but Cite?

Scarlett Johansson will do for me.

Cite from me too. Kate has never seemed like the type, and even if she were, she’s too young to even be thinking about it. Do you have any Before and After pictures?

Emily Blunt