Anne Bancroft appreciation: who had a "Mrs. Robinson"?

When I was in High School, a divorcee lived next door. I thought I had a chance, but nothing came of it.

However, when I was 24, I had sex with a 42 year old.

I had seen the graduate a few years before that and kind of had a running “Mrs. Robinson” fantasy, so I was glad to be able to scratch that itch.


When I was 24, I had sex with a 38 yo…does that count?

17 and scored with my girlfriends mom. Does that count?

Hey, I had a year long thing going with a much older woman. It was an education :smiley: . But it was no Mrs. Robinson, since she had been divorced a few years. My dad’s buddy thing was playing nickel and dime poker and my mom’s buddy thing was playing bridge, so a Mrs. Robinson situation would have had to come from that pool of couples. There might have been one or two women I would have considered but nothing like that ever came close to happening except in my rabid teenage fantasies.

That comes closest. Was she married?

It doesn’t have to be an exact duplicate. Just younger guy, much older woman stuff.

BTW, any of you ladies done the Mrs. Robinson thing yourselves?

Jonathan Chance, you can’t just leave us hanging like that! How 'bout some background?
Trunk, if you’ll permit it, being the OP and all, I’d like to suggest that everyone include at least some minimal background info, like, who/what/where/when/why/how…?

Oh, yeah…I guess I should include mine:
31 and 51-yr-old woman. It was an “arranged” meeting that was planned by the husband and she was put together like a woman half her age, and probably didn’t look a day over 35. It was fun.

Numerous fantasies with friends’ moms when I was a horn-ball teenager…

I was living with an older male friend the summer after grad school before going to another grad school.

One of his numerous lady friends called up one day and wanted to know if I wanted to go swimming at this private pond she knew of.

Skinny dipping ensued.

You can write the rest of it from there.

During high school, there was a social studies teacher, let’s call her Ms. R. later, I go to call her Jane. I was in her class first semester senior year. She had just turned 35 during the time I was in her class. Sweet southern accent, strawberry blondish hair, not unattractive at all, in fact damn hot for 35. Of course, that’s from the perspective of a 17 year old. 35 would look pretty damn good to me now…

Nothing ever happened or was even hinted at while I was in school, just a nice teacher that a lot of people liked but most never gave a second thought to. There were teachers that the guys talked about, mostly younger and more typical of what a 17 year-old would talk about.

About 2 weeks after graduation, I was in the next town, running errands for my mom, and I saw a car pulled over in this residential neighborhood with a flat tire. Being a guy, and admittedly with ulterior motives, I checked as I drove by to see if I could be of help. Meaning to see if it was a woman or a man in distress.

Well, guess who I see standing fiddling in her trunk with the spare tire? Her spare was flat, so I ended up giving her a lift to the gas station where we checked and filled it, drove back to her car, changed the thing then followed her to drop the flat off to get repaired.

As we were leaving the gas station that was fixing the flat, she stopped me, and tried to give me some cash for my trouble. I declined, because I just didn’t feel right taking her money. The whole thing took maybe 30 minutes, and as it turned out, away from school, she was a whole different person - actually a hoot to be around.

So she says, well then let me at least offer you a lemonade or something. Ok, I can take that, and follow her to her house. Nice little brick ranch house about a mile away. We go in back, sit on the porch, drink lemonade and talk about 30 minutes when out of the blue she just starts in on how good I look all sweaty working on her car, and by the way, what do I think of her? I think it was roughly something like “So, what do you think of this 35 year old body, not too shabby huh?”

I was honest, but kind of wierded out, and told her yeah she looked very nice, I guess I never took the time to notice before.


Next thing I knew, she took me inside, saying it was too hot here in the sun, and we were on her couch all locked up together. I stayed there about 2 hours, and made 3 more visits during the summer before I went off to college. After the second visit, she confided in me that her and my old football coach, who I despised, were having an affair. Ok, so she wasn’t a paragon of virtue that weakened at the sight of young/studly me, but more likely just a horny old broad.

Still, I took and I enjoyed. And I make no apology for it now.

Fast forward 23 years, I’m back in the same town. Bus Kid starts at my old high school, and guess who’s the Dean of Students? Ever see the dean blush?

singing Stacie’s mom has got it goin’ on!


Even after all this time, I publicize the following with some mis-givings, but here goes.

My best buddy and I were 15, his GF, “Susan” was 14. Her mom, “Mrs. Green”, was 32 and very attractive. Mr. Green was much older than his wife. He traveled a lot on business.

I’d often go with my buddy to Susan’s house. We’d play records and just hang out there. Sometimes Mrs. Green would ask me to show her some of the new dance steps, things like that.

Feelings developed over time and Ms. Green and I became intimate, getting together as time and opportunity permitted. We lived only three blocks apart, so it wasn’t hard to find opportunities.
I suppose in today’s world I would be considered some sort of victim, but I’ve never felt that way. I wasn’t a virgin when I started with her, but she “lit up a candle, showed me the way…” Looking back on it now, it was all very positive and nice for me. I remember her with fondness.

After several months it came to an end like this: Susan’s brother, about three years younger than Susan, figured out that my buddy and Susan were boinkin’. Susan and her brother got in a fight and he ratted her out to Mrs. Green, which resulted in the predictable explosion. That caused Mrs. Green to start thinking the whole situation over, and she stopped the relationship with me.
She didn’t have a Mrs. Robinson attitude. It was all very, I don’t know, nice seeming. She was very concerned with privacy, and taught me how to be discreet. Even Susan and my Buddy never figured out that something was actually going on. Of course they picked up on some vibes and on occasion they’d joke that Ms. Green and I “liked each other”. But nobody ever suspected there was an actual affair.

That answers who/what/why and how.
Where: Miami, Florida, mostly at her house when nobody else was there. Sometimes she’d arrange to pick me up in her car at night and we’d go to the beach.

When: Spring/summer of 1958. (So, I’m a geezer!)

I came in here specifically to say that I wasMrs. Robinson to a few young Benjamins.Not that I would ever compare myself to the, well, incomparable Ms. Bancroft.

Somebody has to say it…
How you doin’? :smiley:

I’m doin’ a’ight, Photopat! Thanks for asking.

“Benjamin, I am not trying to seduce you”

You all remember that Anne Bancroft was actually only 6 years older than Dustin Hoffman?

Just wanted to note that. Carry on.

we’re talking about benjamin and mrs. robinson.

not bancroft and hoffman.

I had helped my then soon to be ex MIL move into an apartment, she had just ended a 5 year relationship with a guy that was much older than her. After a few glasses of wine she admitted it had been years since she had had sex, her just ended relationship was sexless and the last 12 years she was married to her ex, my then soon to be ex FIL, were also without sex. Not 5 minutes after we retreated to the bedroom another son in law showed up but she chased him away. We had a very good time and that day became known as our dirty little secret. It was also the first time either of us had experience oral sex too.

Hijack: You’re obviously mistaken. Everyone knows that the 1950’s was this utopia of “Leave it to Beaver” (heh) sexual innocence. Homosexuality, kinks, and other such perversions were invented by hippies in later decades.

What you meant to say was that you had apple pie and ice cream, then played a nice game of parcheesi.

You’re right, of course. That wasn’t beer we were all drinkin’ at the party over at Bobby’s house after our 8th/9th grade prom.
That smell coming out of the kitchen wasn’t reefers, my GF Marilynne just burned some brownies.
And the sixteen mm film all us nice little boys and girls were lookin’ at that night, that wasn’t Bobby’s dad’s hard core porn. No way! It was um, Mickey Mouse. :wink:
Want a realistic look at teenage life in the 50’s, forget Leave it to Beaver. Check out Blackboard Jungle.

I almost forgot to mention how bland and innocent that '50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll music was.

Elvis singin’ “Baby Let’s Play House”, Hank Ballard beltin’ out “Sexy Ways” and “Work With Me Annie” and Billy Ward’s “Sixty Minute Man”. Nope, there wasn’t any sexy music until the hippies came along…