Anne Boleyn

My significant other and I are having a disagreement. He says that Anne Boleyn had a third breast. I say he’s crazy, but I heard somewhere (and, damn it, I can’t remember where) that she had an extra finger on one or both of her hands. Can anyone settle this disagreement?

According to Cecil, it’s doubtful.

Anne Boleyn did not have a third breast, but it was possible that she had a third nipple below one of her breasts. From what I’ve read, it wasn’t a regular sized nipple, but a small bump resembling one. As for her having extra fingers, that has been argued quite a bit. From my reading and general knowledge, it would seem that she had a small appendage next to her pinky, however, she was never without gloves.

“Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true” -Albert Einstein

At the time, she also started a new fashion of long, flowing sleeves and large ornate choker necklaces to cover them.

I used to date a man who had a third nipple. It was about six inches below his left nipple, and smaller than the “real” nipples.

Alias has it right. Remember, in Anne’s day, an “extra nipple” could simply be a wart or other growth on the breast or anywhere else the witchfinder wants it.

Anne Boleyn’s gloves have a thicker than average pinky finger - about twice as thick as the others. This from my Mother, who saw several pairs while visiting some royal collection. Because of her work, mother got to see collections which are not open to the public, but you know how it is when your mother is talking - I forgot where she saw this one. Buckingham Palace maybe? I don’t know. I only know that she told me about the gloves.