Anniz..... lets not pretend how hot our fires burn for each other!

sigh… I know we tried to hide it for awhile… but really… I guess its not working, the hiding that is…

…and really, its not just you beauty and EXREAMLY fucking hot accent (EVEN ONLY IF TYPED!!). That makes our love work…
It’s the fact that I am so damn attracted to you/personality/accent… and you are sooo damn (insert your phrase here) to me!
So what is it Anniz??? What do you want to put between my ((((())))))??? Tell me… :slight_smile: ?

I thought her heart was mine…
Or did you just want her body? Maybe we could do a timeshare thing…

well… ok… she hasn’t exactly said that she want’s to have …well… any part of me… even in the recesses of her mind like a bad dream.

nor has she ever so much as said HI to me…

…or posted in a thread I started…

…or been on when I was answering threads at the same time…

…umm… OK… I’ll share her with you, as long as she uses that accent while… well… while she ignores me.

sniff Oh man that’s so sad!!!

Here have a hug! {{whammo}}


GOD DAMN!! GET OFF MY LEG!! Quit humping you freak!! I’m not THAT desperate! …gimme a few days first! …I haven’t even bought a new toothbrush or Scope yet… Sheesh… anyone got a “wetwipe”?

Sheesh!!! Try and be sensitive and get labelled a freak…

Any girls out there want these hugs?

Yeah… Thats what I’M asking…

In three months and almost 1500 posts, I’ve only started four or five threads: each time to pay homage to a friend here: birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

But if this actually works, I’ll be starting a whole bunch of threads soon! :smiley:

Did we ever find out who Anniz’s dream was about?

Oh, and Whammo, my compliments on your good taste–the women you’ve started threads about are generally ones I’m attracted to.

Hej Whammo!

I’m sorry if you feel I have ignored you.
Do you forgive me?
I wake up this morning and see my name
on the subjectline, wow.
I’m flattered.
My accent, you should here me talk,
it’s probably worse then typed.
Hate it, hate it.
But, I can live with it.

Hej dpr, I’m surtenly not going to share myself with
more than one person,
who knows, maybe it will be someone from here.

And DRY, no I still don’t know who it was in that dream.
But I’m sure he will show up one day.

:: pops in ::

Hmm… Aussie guy is offering hugs. Gee, this is a hard decision to make…

hey anniz, i thought i was the guy in your dream. you were certainly the girl in mine…

Ah, I see Anniz that I was right. All the guys want to knock down your door and take you away. :slight_smile:

Such beauty is hard to refuse ones self. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this Northernly Beauty a delight to the senses.

Well, at least I can’t hear her accent.

Is it just me, or is this OBVIOUSLY a Freudian Slip?

…oh god… Why do I always see this sort of thread created by me after a night of drinking??

Remember. Don’t post and drink. Let this be a lesson to all of you.

crawls back under the rock

Because of the strange formatting, I think she’s responding in haiku every time.


I’ve thought that too. You know what’s funny though? I always end up reading them more carefully because of it.
Anniz, my dearest, I’m sure your accent is adorable (like the rest of you!). I can live with your accent if you can live with mine. Say the word, beautiful, say the word…

Speaking as one who’s heard her, seen her (pictures) and chatted extensively . . . Anniz, I do not know of a man on the SDMB worthy of you. That said, any number of them would be entirely too happy to be the reason you were not single. The choice, obviously is up to you.

But do me a favor. Let me down gently, as I’m probably too young for you (now). And when you do find yours, find me one, too:)

Hi iampuhna!
Thanks for the complement, you’re so sweet.
Actually there’s one I hope to meet this year
and that’s Montfort.
Yep, he’s the one.

Jaha? Och jag då? Du har inte ens svarat på mitt senaste brev =(

Translation into english: Back off you guys until you learn the language…