Anno 2070 - Good or Awful?

Steam has been running a sale on Anno 2070. I’ve honestly been unsure of whether or not it’s actually good; I read some really, really variable reviews of it. The fact that the publisher is remarkably cagey about its content or lack thereof doesn’t help, and the DLC on displayer suggest they’re desperate to bilk customers out of 5 bucks for some useless buildings or walkways or some crap. Also, it’s somewhat expensive for a poor-selling game released 14 months ago.

Has anyone played it? It’s a city-builder-war-ish game, which doesn’t tell me much about the feel of playing it. Is the focus on speed? Building placement? Economic management? Even after visiting metcritic I am not sure, and then going to iew some youtube videos of it left me even more confused.

I’ve played it. It’s not great. I especially wouldn’t pay for the extra buildings. You’ve got various islands that have various resources. You have to build various buildings to turn the resources into products on various tiers in order to attract population. Once population goes over various levels, you unlock another layer of buildings. The next tier will require a more diverse range of products, and it gets trickier to balance all of them.

Combat is mostly optional and pretty meh, but I didn’t ever focus on it - to busy trying to figure out why the hell I suddenly was short on cell phones and bleeding population.


The fact that people flee in terror if you run low on cellphones almost makes me want to play, but only for the comedy value. Probably pass, then.

If I had it to do over again, I’d probably buy it but only when it hit the single digit price range.

This is only game in the Anno series I didn’t like.