Announcing A *New* Littlest Briston!

After eight+ years of tales about Shayla McLaughlin, aka The Littlest Briston, she’s been replaced. Alanah NaCole McLaughlin arrived at 4:17 pm yesterday, 7 lbs. 2 oz., 20"!

Sorry kid, when it comes to dads, you play the hand you’re dealt.
Formerly Littlest Briston, meet The Littlest Briston 2.0

Everyone is doing well – mom is still a little wiped from over two hours of pushing, but things are good. Alanah has a slight heart murmur, but the docs are confident that it’s nothing unusual and will be gone in a couple of weeks. Big sis is absolutely thrilled to be a big sis. And dad simply couldn’t be happier!

Congratulations! So how much wool does she have? :smiley:

About the name – my wife and I had an agreement. We weren’t finding out what we were having, and if it was a girl, she had 100% full naming rights. If it were a boy, then said rights would have fallen to me. No vetoes, no take-backs, no “are you fricking kidding me?!?”

All the girls in my wife’s family have a middle name with the Big-Little-Big naming convention (LaRayne, JoEllen, etc.), so I knew that would be a given. All in all, I like the name she picked.

But oh, if it had been a boy.

I was all set – I had been thinking about it ever since bouv had given his thoughts when I was looking for a name for the first Littlest Briston. And now I was all set – I had complete no-veto naming rights, all the kid had to do was play along and have a penis. He would be Brock. Brock McLaughlin. Brock Danger McLaughlin.

So, my sweet Alanah, I love you very much – but it’s your own fault that you’re not a guy with The Awesomest Name In History.

Oh, she has a full head of hair, so I guess you coHEY, WAITAMINUTE!

Congratulations! What a beautiful, precious little bundle! And FLB is just bursting with glee in that pic! Best wishes to the lovely and talented Mrs. Briston for a speedy recovery, and a virtual high five to both parents!

Awww. Cute little lamb.

I’m so very, very happy for all of you!!!

Aww. Congrats. She’s darling. And I’m sure her big sis is looking forward to having a little sister to play with!

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Oh my, she is adorable! Congratulations to you and your family.

What a sweetie! And Shayla looks so excited!

Congratulations to the whole family!

Congrats to you all!

The big sister shot, is awesome!:slight_smile: Well done everyone!

You have been blessed.


Congratulations! She’s lovely - and it looks like it was about time the original Littlest Briston got an upgrade. She’s not so little anymore!

Congratulations! In that first picture she looks like she has a dimple! Too sweet!

Congrats. Looks cuter than a sheep. You could say she’s a little lamb?

Congrats! She’s adorable!

So the first child what is she now?

Mid-sized Briston? Not Quite as little as the littlest Briston? Littler Briston? Light Cruiser Briston? The Sun Briston? (the sun is a middle sized star)

Mazel tov!