Annoying noisy noises and other habits

Remember the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Remember that part where they were at the Sears Tower (I think) just taking a break. Cameron is idly hitting his cheek with his finger, producing a “dwooop” sound?

When I first heard that sound, my reaction was, “How’s he making that sound, what with his mouth?” So I started slapping my own face in various ways until I too can now do the dwoop.

The problem is it has turned into a nervous habit. I do it when I’m thinking deeply about something at work, when I’m just wool-gathering, sometimes when I’m driving. It drives everyone nuts.

On a road trip with several buddies in the van, my friends vowed to break me of the habit. For the entire trip every time I dwooped someone punched me in the arm. The result: a sore arm, no less dwoop.

Enough about me: A cow-orker of mine cracks his knuckles, all the time. One I used to work with started almost every sentence with “Certainly.”

What habits do you do that you know annoy others but (knowingly or unknowingly) you do it anyways? What habits of those around you get on your nerves?

I often crack my knuckles, usually without even thinking about it or being aware that I’m doing it. My former boss used to hate it with a passion and would forbid me from doing it in his office.

Our usual routine when I was go to his office (an almost daily occurance to discuss business matters)… I would sit down waiting for him to finish whatever he was typing. I would start to crack my knuckles without knowing it. At the first pop he would pipe up with “What are you doing?”. I would realise what I was doing and reply “Nothing, absolutly nothing.” and sit on my hands to keep from doing it again. His reply “Good, that’s what I thought.”

Of course when he was in my office, I took delight in cracking them just to show that I could. … It was after all my office. <grin> (my boss and I were friends.)

I had a co-worker who could whistle/chirp like a cricket. It really sounded like a cricket and he would do it during lulls in the conversation also without thinking about it. I’ve since learned to do it too, but I can’t match his mastery of getting it exactly right. (and I have to think about it.)

Cracking gum. If I’m in a good mood and I’ve got a piece of gum in my mouth, I inadvertently seem to take to cracking it. Loudly. I don’t know why it makes my mouth happy, and I think it’s annoying as hell when I hear other people doing it.

I have no excuse, and hereby hang my head in shame. :o

I have a permanent case of jimmy leg. I’m always bouncing my leg up and down. I’m doing it right now, in fact.

I also crack my neck and my toes, but not my knuckles.