Habits that drive everyone else nuts

This should be mainly (your)habits that drive everyone else nuts, or those of someone you live with now. Not your boss or your college roommate from 20 years ago.
Sort of a spin-off from “things that irritate you”.

I’m sure I have these habits that range from car/driving to use of the bathroom.But I’m ironing shirts this morning, so I will report back.

I position my foot in that way where the leg starts jumping like the energizer bunny. It bugs people, but my daughter loves to take a ride on my knee when I do it.

Well, that’s a good start. I haven’t come up with any really good ones. My wife drives at night when we are on trips. Often she insists on driving ONE more hour. The kids are killing each other in the back seat and I have quit caring hours ago. Since we often end up with the last room at a motel, we don’t always get a non smoking one. I guess we’ll need a cell phone pretty soon so I can at least locate a motel.

My wife does the twitching leg bit. At night in our full mition waterbed!!!

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oops fat fingers

" Full Motion"

Well, this is a habit that has been attibuted to a condition. Check under “restless leg syndrome.” The idea is that your legs ache is you don’t bob them. Supposedly, it’s worse at night than during the day. It’s probably debatable as to whether it really exists but, regardless, you can look it up on the web and read up on it.

My habits: cracking my knuckles. I’ve tried to stop but haven’t been successful yet. I need a patch.

I also do the thing with my legs mentioned previously.

Tapping a pencil tip on the counter top, and spinning coins on the counter top. We have very little down time on my job and when there’s absolutely nothing to do, it makes me crazy. But doing these make my coworkers crazy, as they have often told me as they swipe the pencil or coin.

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I will put down small things from my hand just about anywhere in the house.I will immediately forget I even had it in my hand. Like the TV remote. I don’t do this so much away from the house. So then we all spend 20 minutes looking for it, before we can go somewhere.
In hotel rooms, MY stuff has a special place. Stuff from my pockets plus the motel key go on top of the TV.

chewing my Nicorette gum when I’m on the phone. Friends and my s.o. get on me about chomping on my gum when on the phone. My s.o. has the bad habit of being a pill. I hate shopping - I know what I need when I go shopping (for clothes or groceries), and I get it and get out; my s.o. browses and looks for bargains while I cool my heels – it drives me crazy, so we don’t go shopping together much.

I talk to my plants and animals (even my fish) like they are folks. Drives people nuts! But I think they understand me. I’ve even gone so far as to tell Tiny Tim (my cat) to, “stop picking on people (meaning the other animals) because no one likes a bully.”

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Sycorax: I’ve graduated from Nicorette to real gum. But this gum chewing really gets involved in all aspects of my life, so it’s a bit of a problem. But I hate those guys that just chew toothpicks.

I used to work with a carpenter (he was from Germany and had a jaundiced view of Americans in general.) I try to walk with a light step, because I am big and heavy and can easily scare people. This day (we were on a concrete floor anyway) I walked up to him to ask him something, and it startled him. He snarled, “I’m going to get you for that!” (In case anyone wants to know “how he got back at me,” pleas e-mail me. This part of the matter doesn’t belong here.)
It was apparently my soft step tyhat irritated him. So I got in the habit–perhaps odd to others–of now and then whistling a single tone, so he would know where I am and he wouldn’t bridle at me for allegedly sneaking up on him.

It really bugs me when people whistle tunelessly :slight_smile:

Was he from East Germany? Never sneak up on an East German. If you want to get back at him for getting back at you, sneak up on him and say, “Papers, please.”

No, he was from Kiel, up in Schleswig-Holstein, near Denmark. In fact he was in the Nazi Army (at the age of 12–he asked me, “Didn’t you ever hear of drummer boys?”). But he was captured in Ploesti, Roumania, and was in a prison camp in the USSR for a while. I guess he particularly detested East Germany and the Soviet Union. He had a decided Old World manner; to some extent I liked this; he was the only carpenter I ever met who played violin, knew the Bible very well, and had read Jean-Paul Sartre and Benedict Spinoza. But the contempt he showed Americans in general really irked me–and I never hesitated to tell him so.

Benedict Spinoza? Lesser-known brother of Baruch, no doubt :slight_smile:

People who constantly correct others.

No; Benedict and Baruch were the same person, according to my dictionaries.

I am obsessive about chewing pen caps, end of pens, coffee stirers, straws…you name it. Oh, and I actually chew these stupid things so much that I have half chewed ones all over my car. Makes my husband homicidal. And all my co-workers, too- since I don’t seem to care who’s pen it happens to be. Is that annoying or what? It’s pretty close to a compulsion, I’d say. But damned annoying to all,that’s for sure!

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I drive myself crazy with this… does that count? When I let my moustache and beard grow I can’t help but pull on the hairs, until they come out. Depending on where I start pulling, I end up looking either like Hitler or Cantinflas.

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