Annoying (non-spam) email question

So, some idiot decided to sign up for some College Board email list. What did they do? They used my email instead of theirs. I went to the College Board website, but to login to change email settings I needed a username. No prob, I figured, I’d simply have them email “my” username to MY email, since it must be registered, where I’d get the info to change it there. Okay, well for whatever reason it wasn’t registered.

Yet for whatever reason, I keep getting emails from various universities with a note on the bottom saying that they got my email from the College Board and I could opt out individually from each College. Great…I’m just hoping this stuff ends after next September, because my gmail was relatively spam-free. I’ve tried bouncing a few emails too but it didn’t really do much…

But mainly I want to vent here, because this idiot’s typo has caused me problems. My email is, well let’s just say that my name is Phillip J Fry, my first two initials, plus my last name, thus I have a common last name too. Every now and then I get emails to people who guess my email address is someone elses. Let’s send patricia j fry that email. How can you be so idiotic, other person with whom I share a nearly identical email?

/rant over

Anyone have any idea of how there is some technical way to overcome this without requesting the College Board to take some kind of action?

You could set up a filter to automatically delete (or shuffle off to the spam folder) any email containing the offending Web site. Of course, if anyone legitimately sends you one with the Web site, you wouldn’t get it (or you’d have to look for it).

I don’t see any other way than contacting the College Board via email or phone. Actuially, writing snail mail might be more effective. Good luck.

This is even worse than my pet peeve: some idiot gets my voice mail number instead of somebody’s fax number he wants, and the phone rings. I get the fax squeel, hang up. The phone keeps ringing for hours. Bah!