Another "Access Denied" Message

The “Commissar Is a Troll” thread. Same as what acsenray said in his thread that was closed, but it’s still happening to me. If I click on the thread itself, I get in, but if I click on the “Go to First Unread Post” button, I get the “Access Denied” page. It’s only with that button. But even if I have gone into the thread by clicking on the title or a page number, the button indicating unread posts remains lit up.

There’s some sort of glitch with that thread.

Huh; the same thing happens to me with that thread. However; I note that the last post was about 24 hours ago, plenty of time for some sock or spammer to have posted there and gotten disappeared by the mods. And trying to access such a post or profile will produce the same message. It’s just speculation but that might be what’s happening, it’s trying to send us to someone who got erased.

There was a sock/troll posting in that thread, and its posts were disappeared when we banned it. Presumably you’re trying to get to one of those posts.

Then there’s something wrong with the way the “go to first unread post” button works. When you click it, it should not be linking you to a disappeared post. It should automatically send you to the most recent “non-disappeared” post. If there is no unread non-disappeared post, the button shouldn’t appear at all.

Take it up with the folks who built VBulletin.

My guess is that they didn’t originally design the system to deal with disappearing posts rather than deleting them.

Seems to be okay now even though no one’s posted in it since I started this thread. It’s “faded out” to indicate no unread posts. Maybe it takes awhile to catch on the last one’s been deleted. Weird. First time that’s happened.