First unread post

Is there a way to go directly to the first unread post in a thread I’m returning to after having read it previously? I see there’s a button to go to the LAST post, but what’s the point of that?

The button (blue arrow by the thread title) goes to the first new post. Threads mark themselves as read after a certain time even if you haven’t read them, so it won’t always be correct.

OHHHHH! I’m stupid, I never even noticed that even though it looks just like the other one. Thank you!

Well, since we’re all here, mind if I ask a related question?

The “View First Unread” button generally works as advertised for me, but if a thread’s gone onto a second page since my last visit, it takes me there – even though there are still unread posts on the first page. Anyone know why? I don’t have this problem on other boards that use vBulletin.