Another bird ID question.

I’ve got a little guy perching outside my office again today.

He has a white chest, and a white “chin”, but his beak is black, his crown is black and so are his back, wings, and tail, except (if I saw correctly) he has a strip of white across the bottom of his tail.

He almost looked tufted, but more like his head is just a little “tall”.

Any idea? I know there’s nothing too distinguishing there.

He also repeats a “cheep. . .cheep. . .cheep”.


First guess: eastern kingbird. Another pic here.

I’m 99% sure that’s him.

I didn’t notice any of the white on his wings, but it easily could have been there. And some of the websites describe behavior that he was exhibiting (catching flies and returning to the same branch). Also, I’ve seen a bird I can’t identify going after crows around here, so that was probably him, too.