Another boatload of bloody illegal immigrants

> … a nation built on the sweat and
> toil of those who had the sheer guts
> and determination to take a huge risk
> and “cross the seas” in pursuit of a
> better life for themselves and future
> generations.

Pommie bastard checking in… this is absolutely true, and my hat is permanently off to the English and Irish who did it. Not that they had much choice. :wink:

Semi-serious question: Surely it’s illogical to compare (a) having to scratch a miserable living from a dusty wilderness with (b) assured survival in the luxury of modern urban Australia?

Somehow I doubt if your modern immigrants would be quite as eager to settle were the environment unchanged (as it is, by dint of massive effort) from the 18th century.

It doesn’t seem fair or accurate to compare the forced labour of then with the economic opportunism of today.

If we’d all been *Dutch[i/], Coldie, we could have been Indonesia right now…

(in case anyone is taking offense at that statement, my dearest aunt is a resettled Dutch woman who was resettled here after her liberation from the concentration camps)

And BTW - the next island he would have encountered on his travels is New Zealand - I notice he didn’t claim THAT (although, it’s really odd that the state in which Aborigines were systematically hunted down and driven to extinction is the one which bears his name - sad and ironic in terms of later events).

Greetings to our friends out there in the Southern ocean!.

If you can stop rolling around for a minute there, woolly, and just climb back into your chair I thought I might help you out with a little basic seamanship.

You know that pointy end of the boat ? Well, that’s the front end and, given that the ship was heading away from Ostralia, I’d imagine they had the good sense to be making their escape. Having said that, it still seems a little curious that there are detention camps inside Ostrailia.

As for that God forsaken Island near where they ran aground, I 'd imagine they’d need a drink to cope with the social whirl. From that web site you linked to, I see under ‘Major Events’ there’s a Bowls Club and some upcoming festival featuring – hold the front page – “Bush Poet Bobby Miller”. They’ll be fighting over the fold-away chairs for that one.

…you’d think if anyone would be able to empathise with misfortune it would be those poor Ostrailian’s…

Tasman worked for the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, a trade organisation. He saw Australia long before the Brits ever got there, and set foot on New Zealand (named after the Dutch province of Zeeland) as first Westerner.

However, he was not a colonist, but an explorer for new markets. He never claimed land for the Netherlands, it just wasn’t his job. Unlike the likes of James Cook. :slight_smile:

You could have corrected the coding in my last post while you were replying Clogboy. :smiley:

What, like the Belgrano? :wink:
sorry, cheap shot :smiley:

I would have, were it not for the fact that you’re a colonial, and I get to repress you. :wink:

[sub]Waiting for mr Of Fate to come in with the obligatory Python skit…[/sub]

Precisely the point that woolly was trying to make in his OP. Now that we ARE a “modern, urban nation” which is part of the “global economy”, we somehow think it’s OK for us to reject and expel those who set forth in boats across treacherous seas in pursuit of a better life. We even enact laws which penalise them for daring to set forth with such courage and ambition in their hearts. We revile Norway and the crew of the Tampa for not having abandoned a boat in international waters to its own fate because Indonesia was the nearest “recognised” port while we continue to rescue people like Tony Bullimore who are on self-indulgent personal adventures and we offer assistance to British naval vessels who are outside of our recently enacted “exclusion zone”?

I’m so fucking glad the the first test of our exclusion zone laws involved a British vessel - not BECAUSE it was a British vessel, but because it clearly demonstrates the purpose of our “border protection” laws. You founder within our “territory” and we will pick and choose whether or not to help you.

It’s the “white Australia policy” all over again; except this time we can justify our position because of the “war on terror”.

The same government which is offering asylum seekers in our detention centres money to return to Afghanistan (because it’s “safe” there now), is still advising Australian nationals that Afghanistans is NOT a safe place to visit?

No wonder the government wants to divert attention to which senator was bonking which minister 5 years ago…

What totally disgusts me is that the first time I can remember in my lifetime the voting public seems to think that who was bonking whom 5 years ago is more important than what the fuck our current government is “doing” with the “mandate” it was given at the last election…


Geez Reprise, surely you know that the ‘voting public’ is *ALWAYS * more interested in the sordid sex-lives of the pollies…we’d die of terminal boredom otherwise.

Seriously, I don’t think your average Joe/Josephine really gives a flying-fuck about the situation of the refugees or border policies. I’m sure a Vox-Pop would show more knowledge/concern about the Big Brother series. Sad but true…(sorry, no cite!) :smiley:

This whole last year in Australian politics makes me want to defect elsewhere. Unfortunately, “my government is a bunch of fuckwits” doesn’t qualify a fleeing national for political asylum.

What I love about this stuck Brit ship is that it crashed into one hell of a noticeable rock. Err, hello? A case of “human error and misfortune”?

It’s a bit “Oh eh, watch out for that rock!” “What rock?!” Crash! Obviously they were too busy watching the scenary to be worried about where they were going…

You gotta love a message board where I get to write a smartarse pommie sledge and reprise takes on the onerous task of pychoanalysing what I meant.

**L_C **my dear old bean, your lecture on pointy ends marks you as a man of some nautical expertise. Can we put your name forward as the next captain of the frigate HMS Nottingham?

… and sorry Coldfire but another consequence if Tasman had claimed Australia for the Dutch would that we still wouldn’t have qualified for the World Cup finals.

I’d also like to know just where you hoped to run to that didn’t have the same problem?


On the bright side, Australia wouldn’t have been top notch in silly games such as cricket and rugby, but in noble games such as klootschieten and ringsteken!

You missed out on so much culture. :smiley:

Okaaaay, I think I got the gist of ‘ringsteken’ but 'KLOOTSCHIETEN ’ has me completely baffled Coldfire.

Much like cricket and rugby really…:smiley:

It’s comparable to the French petanque or jeux des boules as it’s often incorrectly called. However, in the case of klootschieten, the course is not a sandy pitch of gravel, but an entire Dutch province.

Dutch provinces are about the size of sandy pitches of gravel, though.

So was I, until I clicked the middle link. Ahhh.

It’s too bad Cook didn’t stop here first. Then you wouldn’t have had all this ruckus.

> Now that we ARE a “modern, urban
> nation” which is part of the “global
> economy”, we somehow think it’s
> OK for us to reject and expel those
> who set forth in boats across
> treacherous seas in pursuit of a
> better life.

Why isn’t it OK for Australia to choose who can and cannot enter? The point I was obviously failing to make was that, given how much time and effort your ancestors put into making the place habitable - assumedly for you, their descendants’ sakes - why should the fruits of their labour be a free for all now?

Re the exclusion zone, the difference in your treatment of the Tampa and HMS Nottingham is probably something to do with our lads not being in the middle of an attempt to illegally enter your country with a view to becoming permanent residents.

I don’t see that there is any hypocrisy, which you seem to imply there is, when you consider the radically different circumstances.

Reuben it seems you are missing the irony, perhaps because your country was not formed by inmigrants. It is really ironic to have an “snobish” attitude concerning inmigrants when your grand father work consisted in taking care of a bunch of goats in some small place in Europe.
If the Argentinian, American, Autralian aborigines hadn’t have a “great dream” and invited people of good will from around the world to settle their land, those countries wouldn’t exist now.

Hi there Estilicon, allow me to take one small exception with your statement re “great dreams”.

Even a dinosaur like me - who thinks, incidentally, that the British Empire was the greatest civilising force in history - readily acknowledges that we were not exactly “invited” to America and Australia.

I’m sorry to admit that I know nothing whatsoever about our history with Argentina (excepting the Falklands War), so cannot comment on that one, but I’d be very surprised if we were received with open arms.