Another "Brag About the Kids" Thread

It’s button popping time.

Come on in and share the stuff the spawn are up to.

I’m starting this thread to brag about mine, but I’d love to hear what’s going on with others as well.

My 17 year old is officially a college graduate as of today. Its only an AA but she just finished her capstone class and took a final test required to get the diploma.

She is now taking a gap year before starting her BA. She is going to school for theater arts and has been involved in local theater since she was 10. She has had roles in several local, but professional, productions and has been stage managing since she was 13, first as an assistant and then as stage manager in her own right. She just had her first paid gig this summer in a production of Romeo and Juliet where she played several of the smaller roles. (her previous performances were considered unpaid internships despite being treated as an employee :rolleyes:) She was thrilled because she got to cross dress and play Romeo’s serving man Balthasar as well as other minor roles.

Her next adventure will be writing and performing a one woman show with proceeds going to support the local Shakespeare company. There will be 4 or 5 performances in October.

So what’s up with your kids?

Taking the daughter to start her college experience this weekend, she’ll reside in the Honors dorm and work on her Music minor, since her musicianship is what got her the scholorship (not a full ride, about a third). Current plan is for her to study neuroscience. She just missed being a National Merit Semifinalist.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, her younger brother will take her place as woodwind captain in the marching band.
Always marry up.

Just took my 5 year old skiing for the second time - couldn’t even do a snow plow on day one, and after 3 days she was doing carving C-turns all the way down a 500m slope. Yay!

Brag about my kids? They’re adults now, but I’ll take any chance I get. :wink:

After working his way to manager at big freight company (age 21), my eldest approached us for help with a significant career change. We agreed to fund his training, with a two year time limit. He came through exactly as promised (with a couple of weeks to spare). And on a cold rainy evening a few years ago, he took the controls of an airliner full of passengers and lifted if off a Denver runway. It was his first real flight as an airline pilot. He was 23.

No, I’m not done yet…

My youngest managed to get assigned to a research project at her college. She and her lab partner found a minor (to us layfolk) change/variation* in some type of single-cell organism. They were allowed to name it, and were flown to a conference in DC to present their findings. The project and the conference were funded partially by Google. She was 18.

*Disclaimer: this wan’t a new critter, just a significant enough variation that it warranted recording and naming.

Oh, I can brag about my kids to kingdom come.

The eldest manages (and does some of) the copyediting at a major scientific publisher. She has an undergrad degree joint in English and Biology and and MSc in biochem. She has one seven year old child.

No. 2 manages a group of about a dozen developers (programmars) at microsoft. He has four kids, the oldest of whom is about to begin his junior year at college and the second her Freshman year. All four are heavily into theater and the younger two have professional gigs.

The youngest is now director of traffic and parking for a large Boston suburb. He didn’t start this job until March, so the three major snowstorms were not his problem them, but if they have another winter like last, they will be. He did start early enough that many of the parking meters were still inaccessible (the snow was still piled up around them) and made the decision (and announced it on TV) that tickets would not be given for non-compliance. He has one 8 year old.

I could go on bragging, but I won’t. Just remembered, you asked.

My daughters are full-blown adults now. Despite my best efforts. :slight_smile:
They have blessed me with 3 grand-kids and have progressed to management-level positions.
I am proud of them.