Another case of our horrid healthcare system.

Woman’s skull replaced after 4 months of delays

I think the article speaks for itself. Thank God I live far away from this hospital. Poor woman. :frowning:


Oh. My. Goodness.

Well, I certainly am thankful for my skull tonight, even if I’m a little unsure of the mind that inhabits it.
I may also go kick my health insurance company in the nuts.


I just finished reading the story and had to add…

trying not to gag

I think I need to go lay down. Very, very carefully.

In the “You Know, Even Without The Seven Years Of Med School I Managed To Figure That Out” department:

I read the article and I laughed and not the “it’s funny” kind either. More of the hysterical type of laughter in response to something horrible and unbelievable.


All because of in-fucking-surance??!? :eek:

You can damn sure guarantee that were she here they’d replace the skull first and worry about insurance later.

Well, first this wasn’t insurance, it was Medicaid. As I said in another thread, it’s the hospitals, NOT insurance companies to be furious with. They could have easily absorbed the cost if Medicare (US gov’t) didn’t pay for it and avoided the risk to this woman’s life.
Oh, and she’s probably kinda hot with a full head of hair. :wink:

And people slag off the NHS? Sheesh. This is a direct result of the commercial nature of the sector. Great for the rich, shit for the poor. What a crock.

She’s quite a cutie, ain’t she? Though I think I’d prefer her with a skull…

I remember hearing about this in May when it first made the news, and all I could think was: she fucking deserves it! Driving drunk without a seatbelt? She’s lucky she still has a brain to install a skull around!

Attractive women can be a real head fuck.

I wonder if she’ll ever drink and drive again. They should do that to all drunk drivers, remove their skulls for four months and call it “treatment”.

Punish DUI’s by…
Partial Skull Removal (PSR for all future references to the procedure…)

And then, you get 'em drunk…

Yeah, and clearly she likes to party hard!

What a pleasant young man! Your folks must be so proud!

I was pals with a gal in Jr. High and High School that had a huge chunk of her skull missing - not half, but the hole in her head was about as big as a side plate or a saucer. She’d pulled a big stone ashtray onto her mellon when she was young, had a plate installed and then had to have it removed because of infection. She had that big old hole all through school. Sometimes she would grab your hand and put it on the hole so you could feel her brain. It was rather gross.

She couldn’t sleep on her back, and had to wear a helmet while doing activities, but other than that she was OK.

Regarding the OP, I’m just glad that the driver was the only person who wound up with half a scull. Drinking and driving is stupid.

So the problem in the original news story was that Medicaid (government) wouldn’t pay for it, the hospital didn’t want to do it without getting paid for it (which we could argue easily was unethical), and finally the mother’s insurance company which may or may not have any obligation to cover the 22 year old daughter of the insured finally paid for the surgery.

Very convoluted, but I have to wonder why the mother’s insurance company finally decided to pay for the procedure and why Medicaid, the government insurance program that Lane was covered by refused. Also have to wonder whether the hospital instead of dealing only with Medicaid couldn’t have performed the surgery and then billed for it?

Is the hospital required by law to only go ahead with non-emergency surgery on Medicaid patients after Medicaid agrees to pick up the tab?

What do you want, sympathy for an idiot? If she had died while waiting for surgery she’d be a Darwin award winner.

Yeah, I’d really like to f**k her brains out … :smiley:

Because we all know stuff like that never happens with the NHS, right?

North West Today picked up the story a few days later, IIRC, he was strapped to that bed for a few weeks.