Another close thread question

Here’s the OP

Which ends with this

So……what’s your idea?

That makes me think the OP was more about ideas about what changes could be made in how the government deals with the proliferation of guns in today’s society than simply ideas about the feasibility of an AK47 buy-back program.

Well, this thread was closed with this comment from the moderator

I looked through the other posts in IMHO for the past week and I didn’t find any threads concerning this topic. There is a topic started to discuss the police response, but the title has been modified to specifically forbid discussing this issue in that thread. If I have missed an appropriate to discuss such opinions, perhaps it should be pointed out.

So, I am confused with the comment. Is it that this topic is not suitable for IMHO? If I was to start a thread in IMHO looking for opinions on what would be practical and feasible actions that could be used to address the issue, would it be similarly closed?

See here instead: