Gun Control Poll Closed - That Sucks

So, in an attempt to get an anonymous read on people’s opinion of Gun Control, things spun out of control and once again this turned into a bitch fest.
I have no idea why this subject always turns into a madhouse.
No other subject seems to get the rabid responses and juices flowing like the mear mention of gun control.
Maybe I will try again someday.
Is it possible to create a poll where NOBODY gets to respond with comments, period?
If not, maybe that should be a new feature.

Maybe put that in your OP, don’t give up, try again.

Just specify, voting only, no comments, please. Should work!

I, for one, would be interested in the results of the pole and didn’t even see the closed one.

Moving thread from IMHO to ATMB.

It was doomed from the start. That thread was a closure looking to happen.

Not at all saying closing it was the right thing to do – far from it, there was no reason at all to go beyond “dial it back, guys”. But that lockdown was absolutely inevitable.

Neither of the two main camps is a minority.
It’s a deeply emotive topic - both sides can argue that lives are at risk if they don’t get their way - both sides in the debate may therefore perceive or characterise the other as a threat.

But yeah, a poll without any possibility of comment would be a useful thing, sometimes.

I suppose I’m as much to blame as anybody else for this, and for that I apologize. But man, I have had it with the egregious insults. Is it not enough to express your opinion without taking shots at others?

Does closing a thread to further posts shut down the poll as well?

[My Name]I guess after disabling your ability to respond in a separate thread in Great Debates or The BBQ Pit, removing the Report Post To Moderator button function, and repressing your self-control via telepathy, you had no choice at all.[/My Name]

That was some seriously chickenshit moderating, Czarcasm. Can you give any reason at all that you didn’t just issue a couple of warnings instead of closing that thread?

Because in threads that are highly volatile like that one, posters treat such warnings as chickenshit.
For past examples see such threads that contained multiple warnings that were ignored by the same people over and over again.
For a more recent example, see the thread that this thread is about-a warning was given…and promptly ignored.

Well, I suppose you’ll want to close this thread as well after insulting me. While we’re talking about class and all.

People keep hauling out the “What was I supposed to do?” excuse, I tell them over and over and over again what they were supposed to do, and they feel personally insulted.

I would suggest starting over with a new poll and specify voting and declaring your own vote only, to stop it from sinking off the page.


I owned up to what I had done, I did not register any dissatisfaction about the decision, and I gave an explanation as to why I said what I did (note the difference between “explanation” and “excuse”). It would have been quite simple indeed for you to say that I should have reported the post instead of taking a run at me.

So you want me to go search for examples that vindicate you? Seems like difficult work, so I don’t think I’ll bother.

Do you need examples of posters receiving multiple warnings and then getting suspended or banned for ignoring them? Because that’s the way it generally works around here. Here’s a quote from one of the examples in the gonzomax suspension, maybe it will look familiar:

So what was your excuse again?

Will I have to say it every single time the topic comes up? Do I have to post a reminder of what forum a topic is in at the start of every thread?

I’m not the one who needs an excuse for ignoring past history and realizing that this was going to happen.

So then maybe you should rescind the warning against poor gonzomax since us poor Dopers can’t help but turn poll threads into debates.

Clearly you do, because some people just don’t get it, like the people that say the sorts of things that are designed to draw reactions.

Want to make it easy? Fine. When those terms are used that person is deemed a troll and warned. When someone responds that person is warned. With sufficient warnings the person in question is banned. That will solve your little problem real quick.

So, want to start with me? Go ahead. I’ll be the poster child for your new policy if it gets people to stop posting things like that.