another computer question for you

I run win98 and have a high speed connection. I always shut my puter down after I am finished with it but when I start up again I have to click cancel on the “enter network password” for the highspeed connection before windows will open. If I don’t click this right away sometimes windows won’t load up and I have to manually shut down and start up again. To make a long story short (too late) how do I by-pass that password step? I don’t even need to enter a password, just cancel it.

      • Answer: locate and download “tweakUI”, a control panel extension (created by Microsoft but not officially distributed or supported by them) for Win98 that allows you to to a bunch of neat things, automatically-log-on to network being one of them. PM me if you cannot find it anywhere.

Thanks Doug, that was a help, but it didnt fix my problem of having to click the cancel on my network password box. I remember having done this a long time ago but I have since crashed and forget what I did. I am sure I went into the registry…any one else?

How about under Network Properties, you set the primary logon to Windows logon instead of a network? Does that work for you?