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When I measure viscous liquids like oil or buttermilk, how crucial is it to get everything out of the cup? There’s always a film that adheres to the surface. If I don’t scrape it out, or let it all drip out, will the batter be shortchanged?

I’d like to think that recipes have always allowed for this small amount of loss, and the amount that gets into the batter is the amount it needs. Like when you feed a baby, you say you gave her two ounces of strained peas, but actually, she consumed one ounce and the rest you just write off. After you wipe them off her face…and the high chair…and the floor…and your shirt…

But I’m not sure.

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Wow, I never really thought of that before. I wouldn’t really say that it matters though. How much buttermilk can possibly “adhere” to the sides of the measuring cup? It’s like needing a tablespoon of sugar and spilling a bit off the top during the bag-to-bowl transfer.

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Like Silver Fire, I never really thought about it. I try to get as much as I can out, but that is really because I want to minimize waste rather than concern about throwing the recipe off kilter. I wouldn’t think that it matters, though, and I have never noticed any difference when I got a little less out than the last time. If it really bothers you, you could put a (very) little extra in the measuring cup to compensate for the amount that will stick to the sides.

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Thank you! Yeah, I guess it’s not significant. When I measure oil, though, I rinse the cup with water first, so hopefully not all the oil will adhere to the surface.

I try to stagger the introduction of fluids so that the very last additiion is a bit of water or broth to rinse out the last of the more influential (and usually more expensive) liquid being measured. It’s in the same way that a few teaspoons of water will help to rinse out a jar of spaghetti sauce into the pot faster than anything else. Sometimes I will make some home made salad dressing just to use the last bit of Mayonnaise in the jar.

Remember that flexible rubber spatulas are your friends.

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I’m a cheap bastard, so I usually spatula the last little bit out.

You use the same measuring cup for every ingredient?

I really only have this problem with honey. I’ve read that if you’re making something with oil, measure the oil first, and the honey won’t stick to the measuring cup.

I always forget this until I measure the honey and it’s too late.

Anyway, I usually just take a spatula to the sides if I think too much is left in the cup.

You should get a Measure-All® Cup from Pampered Chef.

It can

::Wondering:: I’m new around here…can I make product recommendations? It really is a cool one!!

If it’s all going into the same dish? You betcha. I hate doing dishes. Measure the flour and sugar first, it’s dry.

Angel, I’m gettin’ one of those. Thank you for the link!

I’m a wuss, so I usually use the glass measuring cup for the wet stuff, and the metal ones for the dry.

I have the measuring cup (I sold Pampered Chef for a little while) it is one of the best things I have ever bought. Everyone NEEDS one!

You are most welcome, kind sir!!
[sub] note: If you get addicted to their “kitchen toys”…it’s not my fault!! But, I do need to tell you that their ice cream scoop is like NO OTHER!!! There is a chemical in the handle of the scoop. The warmth from your hand activates it so that the “scooper” will melt the ice cream so that you can scoop it in beautiful “ice cream balls”[/sub]


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I’m with Zenster on this one. I’m too lazy to use (and then have to clean) more than one cup if it’s all going in the same dish. Luckily, we have more than one measuring cup for those times when I forget to do the dry stuff first.

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