As mundane as it gets: Measuring cups and spoons

In 2001 after Bush started bombing Afghanistan, we precipitously evacuated from Indonesia to Singapore, and I had to quickly stock an apartment kitchen with the tools I need to cook. I bought a set of measuring cups and spoons manufactured in China, and was amused to note that there was no 1/3 cup measure, but there was a 1/3 tsp measure. I figured the specifications had been garbled and the producer had gotten the cups and teaspoon requirements backward.

Well, today I was in the grocery store and saw the same brand on sale, so impulsively checked what the cup and teaspoon sets consisted of.

Darned if they weren’t still selling a set of cups that had no 1/3 cup measure, and a set of teaspoons that had a 1/3 teaspoon measure.

I still have my 1/3 teaspoon from 2001, and I treasure it, because I collect measuring tools in odd amounts. I have a 4-teaspoon measure (it’s an Australian tablespoon, and great for when I use my cookbooks from Oz), a 1/2 tablespoon (aka 1-1/2 tsp), a 2/3 cup measure, and two 1-1/2 cup measures.

Just try to be more mundane than that.

Not so mundane to me! I love to cook and bake, so a 1/3 teaspoon measure would be a cool thing to have. Couldn’t do without the 1/3 cup measure, though!

I have two measuring spoon sets that have the 1/2 tablespoon measures. I use them quite often - more convenient that measuring out 1-1/2 teaspoons, for sure.

I also have an 1/8 teaspoon measuring spoon, which are hard to come by these days, and have seen measures for a pinch and a dash, though that’s a bit too anal for me.

I have a 1/2 tbsp measure too. As other have said, it’s useful when the recipe calls for 1 1/2 tbsp of something (most often because I’ve halved a recipe that originally called for 3 tbsp).

Also, I have a patented measuring sifter that I picked up at Goodwill for a buck a while ago… I still have no clue why the concept of measuring with my sifter is in any way more convenient than using a measuring cup to scoop out the flour in the first place, but it does do a damn good job of sifting.

(interesting side note… HOLY CRAP, I just went looking online for photos and realised that the same sifters are being listed on eBayfor as much as $25!)

I love my 2/3 c measuring cup and my 1/2 T measuring spoon. I have the odd size sets for both my measuring cups and measuring spoons. I believe the spoons also have a 2/3 t, but they do not have a 3/4 t, which annoys me because I use ATK cookbooks and they seem to adore 3/4 t measures for some reason.

I also own a shot glass shaped liquid measuring cup that is marked for ounces, tablespoons, and teaspoons. It holds just about 1/2 c. I love using it to measure soy sauce for stir fry and lemon juice for lemon bars (my recipe calls for 6 T.)

You guys make me smile! I’m not a measuring cup junkie, but I did buy a 4 cup measuring cup recently. Pyrex!

(Trust me, I’m not making fun of you - I love kitchen toys!)

I have a matched set of nesting measuring cups


The 1/2 Tablespoon is great for recipes that one has either halved or doubled. I’ve never seen a 1/3 teaspoon, but I’d get one if it was available.

Sorry, definite hijack here…

Baker, you and I have very similar professions and similar “Locations.”


ETA: I have a set of a Tablespoon and a Teaspoon that look like little measuring cups and are magnetic and live on my fridge.

3/4 cup measurers are hard to find but also great.

We have a 1/3-cup measure in our set of nesting measuring cups! :smiley:

But we never use it. The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing, we ever make is pancakes, and we don’t need that particular size for that.

So Siam Sam, if you never cook, what do you eat? Does someone cook for you? Do you go out to restaurants/order in Thai food all the time?

I love Thai food.

I have tons of measuring cups and spoons (except the 1 tsp. which always seems to go missing, grrr) and recently bought a set for the sole reason that it had the 3/4 cup cup! Wheee!

One of my measuring spoon sets has a 1-and-1/3 tablespoon (or 4 teaspoon) size included. The main thing I use it for is when I’m using small amounts of powdered milk in a recipe; this amount of powder in a scant 1/4 cup of water yields 1/4 cup of milk …

I am awash in measuring cups and spoons. My husband and I merged households when we married five years ago, and while some of the duplicates of things we had got purged, not the cups and spoons. I have two sets of nested measuring cups and at least four sets of measuring spoons. I covet spoons that say “dash” and “pinch” … I’m not anal; I just they they’d be fun! (Some measurements I am so familiar with I don’t even measure any more, such as 1/4 tsp. of salt.)

I have the little shot-glass thing that measures teaspoons also, Missy Woodhouse. :slight_smile: LOVE IT.

I have a set of Nigella measuring spoons that includes a “dessertspoon” measure. Fortunately, I did a graduate school project on silverware, so I know that a dessertspoon is equal to two teaspoons. Phew!

I recently bought another set of pink plastic measuring spoons. It includes a 1/2 Tablespoon measure. Weird. I still haven’t had an opportunity to use it.

Yes, just order out all the time or pick up something in a market and take it home. Our complex has a restaurant that we just call and they send something up. You can get a couple of full meal for a few bucks. Neither the wife nor I cook. But I still do the occasional pancake. It was my goofy-looking pancakes – and they do look pitiful – that probably tipped the scale and won her over way back in Hawaii. :smiley: