Another deadly shooting

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m getting quite sick and tired of hearing about mass killings being done in this country and even MORE sick and tired of hearing “2nd Amendment!!” hollered out any time anybody with a sane, working brain suggests that measures be taken to try to avoid the killings. It’s really quite sad when in the 21st century there are still plenty of people around who cling to an amendment that was written in the 18th century as a reason to allow the purchase possession of firearms with almost no restrictions whatsoever. It’s sickening and is a very sad state of affairs.

Will it make you feel better to read tens of pages of people yelling talking points past each other? If so, you’re in for a treat…

Why do you hate America?

“Now is not the time to discuss gun control legislation, not in the wake of these senseless killings”. Except that there is never enough time left before the next one, is there?

Which shooting are you referring to?

That we even have to ask this question makes me want to cry.

Probably this.

I think he may have meant “Oh, there was a shooting just now? I hadn’t heard yet” rather than “Which one (out of the 100s that have happened) did you mean?”
Unless the first meaning also makes you cry…in that case, ignore this. : p
I know I read the title of this thread first before reading/hearing the news about it, so my reaction was sort of the same. “Oh, there was a shooting today?”
Then I went to a news outlet and read about it.
(in my slight defense, I was watching a movie for the last two hours and came here immediately after it was over, so I didn’t have much time to hear about it elsewhere)

“Oh, there was a shooting today”?

Today, US homicide rate is hovering near the lowest for the last 100 years. That’s about 20+ shootings (resulting in fatalities) each day.

In 1980, that number was about 60+ shootings (resulting in fatalities) each day. That’s with a lot smaller population. So we’re doing pretty well, comparatively.

I feel much better now! Wait until we inform that child’s parents that, overall, they’re doing pretty damn good!


Was I talking to the child’s parents?

I was pointing out that “Oh, there was a shooting today” is a bit silly, since there are probably 50-80 shootings every day.

LET’S MAKE SURE THE GUNS ARE ALL RIGHT! THIS ISN’T THE TIME TO TALK GUN CONTROL! There. Now the gun fanciers can take the day off.

So don’t pay any attention to the carnage behind the curtain.

Well - someone who says “Oh, there was a shooting today” definitely is not paying attention to the 50-80 other shootings that day.

America was the shooter.

Are you saying that we should have 50-80 individual shooting threads in this forum every day?

It’s only fair, right?

If you are saying that they are equally important, then why haven’t you started threads talking about them?

I’m for much stricter gun control laws, but the fact that there are fewer shootings today then there were 30 years ago is a valid and important point. The premise of the OP appears to be “Things are getting worse so we have to do something” when the reality is that things are getting better.

Any unjustified shootings are too many, but react to the problem as it exists, not the hype.

Well, my feeling is I’m tired of knee jerk reactions from either the left or right when tragedies happen. Your knee jerk reaction here, and the knee jerk reaction to have to defend the ‘2nd Amendment!!’ (why the quotes btw?).

I’m tired of both sides trotting out their version of ‘think of the children!’ on their hot button issues, and tired of the fact that people suck at understanding probability or risk assessment.