Another "Did I dream this movie?" thread

While I sleep my husband will watch movies in bed next to me. Then I’ll sorta wake up and watch. Sorta. Then I have to come here and ask if what I thought I saw was a real movie. In this one the guy from Twisted Sister has Freddy Kruger stretched by his skin via tiny little threads onto a metal frame. He also has a naked woman in a cage made out of metal tubes he has pierced into her body. There’s a naked girl in a cage with fish hooks or somesuch strung through her flesh. And everybody has their mouths sewn shut. Freddy Kruger also has his eyes sewn shut too for good measure.

Apparently the Twisted Sister guy has done this before 4 years ago but was found not guilty due to insanity, was given some pills and sent right back to his house of horror to live out his life. The pills they give him also remove face tattoos because before he was caught torturing, raping and killing teens he had a face tattoo and then when he was cured with the pills he didn’t have them. But then when the vigilante townsfolk come to hang Dee and crush his pills, his face tattoos come back.

In the end a detective (whose daughter was Dee Snyder’s victim twice) attaches Dee to a meat hook and lights him on fire. Then casually walks out of the warehouse? school? meatpacking plant? and tells his partner “Call Internal Affairs”. Roll credits.

Some of the above information I gleaned by groggily asking my husband, “What? Wha. . . What?” But I could have dreamed that part too.

So Dopers-- does this movie exist?


CMC fnord!

Holy crap! Elizabeth Pena is also in it? Dee Snyder wrote it? He wrote it? Does he know how stupid it is? I’m going to have to watch it from the beginning now. Have to.

Dee Snyder wrote that part-- for himself!!! Am I dreaming now?

“Strangeland” (1998)

I actually only know of this one from it’s listing on—better than Rotten Tomatoes for new movie recommendations, sez I. :smiley:

This is streaming on Amazon. Wow! I’m like— wow. For one thing-- this was 98 and not 88, right?
I’ve seen the whole thing and yet. . . I’m still not sure I didn’t dream it. That was so stupid. I can’t even begin to explain it. The police have never heard of chatrooms? They let the dad of a kidnapped girl lead the investigation? I like how that first girl-- the first to die black one-- wasn’t murdered by Dee Snyder because the cause of death was a heart attack caused by a defect according to the coroner and the cops. They acknowledge that the stress of being tortured caused the heart attack but since the wounds she received being tortured didn’t cause her death-- oh well, natural death.

It is strangely gory but there isn’t much gore.

I started to type all the ridiculousness in this movie but the post got too long. And I got tired of reliving the thing. O.K., I gotta mention-- they let a serial killer-rapist-torturer back into his dungeon house with only a bottle of pills to keep him company? No wonder the townsfolk show up with pitchforks. The terrible, crude, disgusting drunk and vile townsfolk.

Good thing it is less than an hour and a half long.

God dammit. As if I didn’t hate myself enough already. Now I hafta go torture myself and watch this thing.

From wiki:

Why, oh why do I read a review like this and immediately think “I HAFTA see this!”?

I saw that and immediately regretted the loss of minutes and hours from my life that could have gone to a better purpose like sorting bellybutton lint. sigh

I do almost all my reading on my smartphone or computer [as well as making an interminable spreadsheet of personal property losses for our claim] so when I am drowsing in that almost twilight sleep I can almost see pages of text that I can sort of read, so I am not entirely certain if I am still trying to read myself to sleep or if it is something my mind is imagining. So I have to resort to ‘comfort food’ reads [stuff that is an old favorite that I have read tons of times, and read if I want to read but not exert myself with something new] so I don’t try to find the imaginary text I was reading the night before [I love Project Gutenburg for my late night reading when I am awake enough to enjoy reading something that isn’t normally available. I adore Abraham Merritt - purple prose pulp fiction that actually a number of got made into movies ]