Another disturbing message board

Check out the offensive rhetoric spewed at this racist cesspool:


Link broken up for refering purposes - CF

Y’know, the Moderators have already indicated that we really don’t want to encourage board wars. If you had a real need to blast these folks, you might have considered putting it in the BBQ Pit with a munged link (since you seem to have no interest in discussing it). I suspect that this is simply a reaction to the thread on the N A website that was posted in MPSIMS as a “this is sad” comment.

People of all varieties can find ways to hate each other. We really do not need to promote their expressions of hatred.

Define “munged link”, you hateful so-and-so.

Uh, Longmos, since you already posted this in the A very disturbing message board… thread, why did this need a separate thread?

redundant link

This one’s closed. Longmos, duplication of posts is frowned upon. Don’t do this again.