Another does my pitting for me...

Ya know, I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Lots of reasons, not least being I don’t need to speak up: so many others here are doing such a beautiful job, there’s really not much I can add.

But lest anyone who ponders the matter (and really, I’m not suggesting that those who do are legion, in fact they may number none at all, but just in case) was wondering: I, Stoid, am exactly as angry, stunned, disgusted and mortified by BushCo as I have ever been. They have managed to exceed even my own wildest expectations. (And I have not forgotten, though I’m sure many have chosen to, what mocking I received at what was then thought to be my irrational hysteria at the thought of GW being in the Oval Office. Ha. Joke’s on us all, eh?)

The lies and garbage and grotesque garbage spewing from Madison Square Garden last night was just the latest. And I wanted to say something, but then I found
this , and I realized I just couldn’t improve upon it.

So consider that my pitting-by-proxy.

(For anyone who reads this after today, it is the 8/31 entry, which is Titled Oh Thank Heaven for 9/11)

Though I’m certain that yours would be a totally unique approach to Bush Bashing, I’ve grown tired of observing the sport. So much so that I seldom open political threads any more.

Ever and anon a title such as yours tricks me, or the OP makes such an assinine claim in the threads’ title that I am drawn to it like a moth to the flame. Then I regret time wasted reading more of the same ol’ same ol’.

The hamPsters and I thank you for exercizing such remarkable restraint. :slight_smile:

From the stupid link Stoid excreted:

So the SDMB leftists are thrilled that GW is president, because what the fuck else would they have to talk about? :rolleyes:

Lame. If you want to Pit someone, do the work yourself. At the very least, don’t link to so moronic a rant; We can just do a search for several of the esteemed posters here if we want to read such garbage.

I can’t blame you. If you’re a conservative, it must be disheartening to observe so many “Bush-bashing” threads that simply witness to what the Bushies are doing. For instance, since I originally posted my “Bush: the rich don’t pay taxes” thread, citing four occasions where he’s said this, he’s added six more repetitions of this theme, most recently just this Monday. And after I opened my Hastert thread, apparently Hastert reiterated his accusation of Soros making his fortune off drug-running numerous times the next day.

These guys have no shame, and while it’s disheartening to us liberals to see how they’re trashing this country, it must be even more offensive to a conservative like you - in the same way that Falwell and Robertson rankle me because I am a Christian, and it’s my faith they’re giving a bad name to.

Thanks for posting Stoid. Apparently, I’m one of that small fraction who wondered.

(And Brutus, weren’t you paying attention to what we leftists were saying about Clinton? Moron.)

I wondered too. Good to hear from you, Stoid.

Who cares who it’s bashing, it’s worth it for this line alone:


I, too, wondered, and have missed seeing you around!

Everyone…hey. :smiley: Glad to know I’ve been missed. I’ve been dropping in a tiny bit here and there, but with most of the Bush defenders gone,and the few remaining being crushed daily, who needs Stoid to stir things up? Can you guys BELIEVE the spew coming out of the RNC? Who the hell do they think they’re reaching with that poisonous vomit?

I have to say, it’s been a relief to see so many level-headed and thoughtful conservatives allow reality to sink in, and a relief to see so many “Lalala-I-Cant-hear-you” conservatives shut the fuck up.

Now if we can just survive Diebold, the four year nightmare will soon be over.

I hope everyone is making getting the vote out a priority.

And I miss you guys. But not enough to drag me away form the poker table. :smiley:

I’m with Brutus on this one. And I got real damn sick of listening to the Republicans bash Clinton every single day for 8 years, the same way that I’m damn sick of listening to the Democrats bash Bush every single day for the last 4 years. The reason I don’t read Cal Thomas (because somehow, in some way, everything managed to be Clinton’s fault) is the same reason I don’t read Maureen Dowd (that, and I don’t care for her style of column writing.) It’s the same way that I got sick of all the Clinton intern-and-meaning-of-is jokes and the Bush dumb-as-a-rock-and-can’t-speak-English jokes. Yes, the occasional one of either of those is still funny, but too many or the same old thing and I just find myself looking for something else.

There is a Grand Canyon’s worth of difference between the rage of the right against Clinton and the rage of the left against Bush, astorian.

The right took some suspicions (whitewater) and minor power trips (travel office) and one very personal mistake (monica) and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d them out for years, trying to turn them into something real to be angry about. Millions of dollars, ceaseless hounding, harassment, and special prosecution, not to mention relentless media glare, and in the end, there was nothing really meaningful to justify it.

Bush…well, come on, do we need the list AGAIN? The death, debt, destruction, danger? He is actively destroying our country, our constitution, our reputation, etc, etc,.

Just because both sides have been pissed off doesnt’ mean the underlying reasons are equivalent. That’s just another lie of the right.

I’ve been seeing some of it on the 11 o’clock news. People talking about how Bush is for Truth* and the mother of Maryland’s lieutanant governor, who refused welfare because she didn’t want the government to raise her kids**.

Damn right. This will be my first time voting and I want that figurehead out of office!

*Must be some definition of “truth” of which I’m not aware.
**It’s just financial help, you would still have been the one actually raising them!

Understood, asterion. My point, however, was that “leftists” don’t need a polarizing twit as President in order to bitch about the government. Yes, we’re partisan. But our partisanship is toward a particular and consistent set of political goals. So when Clinton was in office we bitched about him, too even though he’s a Democrat. We bitched because we wanted a progressive, and we got a thoroughly pragmatic Southern conservative instead.

“I say, Chauncey! Train your binoculars on yonder tree! Third branch up, isn’t that a Full Breasted Stoidbird? A rare sighting, this! Mark it down, man, mark it down!”

“Beautiful plumage! Can’t sing worth a damn, but if its a good squawk you want…”

Ya loobloo, Natasha, xhorosho!

Yours in Revolution,

Darlink! Enjoy me while you can. I’m in a funk. hanging around here is likely only to deepen it…and my reaction may well be to go off and say things that will get me raosted again, and we sure don’t want that. The pressure in my head from watching and listening to the RNC is getting painful.

But I am ever yours,


Amen. And total garbage it was.