Another ending, perhaps ?

Searching through Cafe Society archives for threads on movies I recently saw, I notice that a lot of posters complain of implausible twists or just a generally incompatible plot.

So, I ask you, enumerate some movies you thought that had potential or which you wanted to like, but were repelled by some wierd plot direction or twists in that movie. Furthermore, mention the changes you would implement.

From Dusk Till Dawn, to me, serves as the paradigmatic example of a film that took a wrong turn and went bad - but I may be cheating here, because the entire second half of the film follows from the “twist”. It could be argued that the “post-twist” portion isn’t so much accidentally bad as the “pre-twist” portion is accidentally much better than the rest of the film, so jarringly so that it puts an otherwise unremarkable “B” movie in the unfortunate position of attracting A-level expectations, which are later shattered.

This just occurred to me the other day. I watched The Good Girl and I didn’t really like it.

Be forewarned – big spoilers ahead … (I think it’s still a new video release).

I felt that the main character never really felt the repercussions of her duplicity.

I think that would have been fine if she went from duplicity to psychosis. At least it would have made for a “twistier” movie. If she had gone through with her plot to poison Holden with the blackberries and then just went off the deep end and cleaned up the rest of her messes, maybe offing Bubba, and even torching the clinic where her hubby got the unfortunate test results.

The way it was, it seemed like the kind of bullshit any old cock-hole head would pull and I didn’t like seeing her getting away with it.

If a “protaganist” is going to get away with something, at least push it over the edge and make her get away with something really big and twisted.

While it made sense, since it was VERY unexpected and I tend to generally like that, they killed the last character I liked! Right at the goal!


Would have been so much better if the post-blue fairly sequence had been burned and never spoken of ever again.

Mullholland Drive

I actually liked it, but still wish it had had a coherent last half hour.

** Dune **
It rains on Dune? IT RAINS ON DUNE?

Muab’ib is an Oracle, not a God of Weather.

**Gangs of New York **

I felt it would have been better if the fight at the end would have been better filmed. Either go with the big gang fight like they were setting up, have the two main characters fight straight up(none of this “running out of the fog” crap that bill will pulling) or just have the two kill each other at the end.