Another example of teabagger classiness

I mentioned this in the other Pit thread I started about the teabaggers, but thought it was worth its own thread.
Anyway, if you have any doubt about the motivation of some of these assholes, take a look:

Spitting and Slurs Directed at Lawmakers

Free speech is one thing, but spitting is … gross.

Is anyone surprised? These people are the dregs of what humanity has to offer. Stupid, bigoted and desperate isn’t a good look on anyone.

I suppose I’m naive, but I am, actually, surprised that in this day and age people still spit on each other. Oh well.

Isn’t spitting part of teabagging?

Reads like an Onion article. “Surprising twist: conservative movement found to be bigoted, hateful.” The only shocking thing about this incident is that people are shocked by it. Fear and anger are the heart and soul of the right wing, and have been for decades.

Most of the 'baggers I know are clever enough to keep the racism and homophobia unspoken.

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen “teabaggers” and “clever” used in conjunction. I imagine it will probably be the last, as well.

Spitting at someone still constitutes Assault, doesn’t it? Why aren’t these yahoos cooling their heels in the local dungeon?

How about threatening gun violence if HCR passes?

Charming, just fucking charming.

This is just biased reporting by the liberal media, that’s all.


It does.

The spitter was arrested, but the Representative he spat on declined to press charges.

Biased reporting? Hell, the people shouting the slurs and hocking loogies were probably planted operatives in the crowd hired by the NYT to advance their liberal agenda against these true Americans.

The morons on the right are one step ahead of you.

Well let’s see. They spit. And they said the n-word. No lawmaker can argue with that. Might as well fold up the entire agenda and go home.

It’s over, folks. The righties have won. Shoulda spit sooner ourselves.

The Republicans have always done a masterful job of keeping the large number of rascists and extremists in their party out of the public eye. They went all-in with the teabaggers in order to defeat health care reform, and now they’re busted. They lost, and the price they will pay for it is the last sheds of their reputation.

Oh, starting tomorrow, they’ll be disassociating themselves as fast as possible from the teabaggers - all the denouncements that they never made over the last 14 months will come out all at once. The teabaggers are useless to the party insiders at this moment. Fox News, Dick Armey and his Freedomworks organization and money have no use for these people anymore - that has already been seen by the paltry turnouts to the latest march on Washington. No Fox News personalities and very few cameras to be found. The next time they try to organize a march they’re going to be saying “What do you mean we have to pull our own permits? Provide our own insurance? Our own security? Our own transportation? No Young Republicans in short skirts to serve us coffee and donuts as we get off the (provided) bus? What do you mean we’re on our own?”

Republican candidates aren’t going to want these scumbags anywhere near their rallies this fall, when cameras and microphones are going to be everywhere.

Republicans are going to be asked “What, exactly, have you accomplished over the last 18 months since we elected you?” It’s going to be fun to hear them answer that question.

“Leader Boehner?”

Where’s my English-German dictionary?

Ren and Stimpy both wear liederhosen, but only Stimpy as a leader boehner.

And the repubs just continue egging on this childish behavior: