You see, it's stuff like this that makes people think Teabaggers are a bunch of right-wing cranks.

Apparently, a number of the Teabaggers think it’s not enough to simply defeat Patty Murray, she needs to be strung up.

As much as I detest the opinion expressed, they do have the right to say it. Besides, any activity that allows Teabaggers to publicly reveal themselves as the irrationally rabid reactionaries I think many of them are is okay by me.

Heh. I await the many posters saying that this unidentified person is “the face of the Republican Party.”

And I await some right-wing crank setting up a strawman to rail against.
That didn’t take long, did it?

I wouldn’t be so sure. You sure it’s legal to express plans to murder or lynch a public official (or any American citizen, I suppose)? That seems almost like a public threat (assuming she was serious and not joking around, only the tone and context could reveal that), a la yelling fire in a crowded theatre; borderline conspiracy as well.

Then again, I’m not a lawyer, maybe someone will chime in.

First, some numbnuts has to come along and tell us how this new Republican is also not representative of the Republican party. Just like all the crazy Republicans who are also not representative of the Republican party who came before them.

Did you just step up into the role of numbnut?

I suspect there would be broad agreement as to who the *anus *of said party is.

There is a very easy experiment that can be peformed, if you will just hand me those pliers…

No, this is not why people think Teabaggers are a bunch of right-wing cranks, they think that because of everything they’ve ever done.

Aaaaaand post 5. Probably would have been sooner without my pre-empting.

My job here is done. Enjoy your anti-teaparty wankfest (I see many of the usual wankers have already pulled out and lubed up).

Okay, just don’t crush that dwarf.

It’s sailing very close to the wind as far as legality goes. For a start, I hope the FBI takes her aside, and the organisers of the event, to find out how serious such a threat is.

In addition, if an extreme left-wing speaker had said something like that about a leading Republican member of Congress, I can just imagine what the Republicans would be saying.

Tangentially related, but I’ve been wanting to post this for a minute.

So, I met with someone at work the other day who proudly announced to me- with her husband right next to her- “We are serious teabaggers. We are just really, really into teabagging and everything it stands for” (cut to both nodding enthusiastically).

Took every part of me not to burst into hysterical laughter, let me tell you. I just wanted to scream, “I don’t think that means what I think you think it means. . .”

Funniest name for a stupid political movement EVER. I approve on that basis alone.

Of course, the alternative, is that they did know what it means and they were enthusiastically endorsing it. Which you prefer to believe is up to your imagination.

A little part of me hopes they just go to random, professional appointments and announce that Mr. Bagger loves to shove his balls into his wife’s mouth. But the fact that the comment prior to the 'bagging one was that they are super anti OBAMAcare!!!1111, I’m inclined to believe it’s more political and less testicle.

Hey, give the guy some credit; he’s been auditioning for the part for years.

I am an attorney and I think the way the statement is worded (“He got hung. And that’s what I want to do with Patty Murray.”) and the fact that nobody’s physically harmed Patty Murray (yet) would mean that it still would likely fall under First Amendment protection. Of course, I should mention that I have a very lenient view on what the First Amendment protects.

That reminds me, my grandfather wasn’t very fond of most Republicans or right-wing politicians in general. I frequently heard him express the wish that Richard Nixon and his “gang” would be lined up against the wall and shot. (I won’t even tell you what wanted to do to Ronald Reagan.) I don’t think he said anything like that though during a public rally though.

Yup, I already thought most of them were either stupid or were doing it just for the sake of making a spectacle. There are others of course who don’t fit these categories, they are just crazy. :smiley:

Priceless :smiley:

So what do you think of the Tea Party, and of the article/behavior described in the OP link in particular?

Or possibly you misunderstood what she meant. :wink: