Another gay hate crime

Cameron MacIntosh is the producer of such great musicals as CATS, Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express, Les Miz and
others. He is also openly gay and was living with his partner in a mansion in Scotland.

Until Saturday night, that is, when it burned down. The investigators think it was set by an anti-gay hate group who threatened to get Cam Mac for being openly gay, and
not to mention fantastically successful. The fire destroy many priceless works of theatre memobilia.

I am totally OUTRAGED!

“Let’s burn his house down, that will make him go straight!”

No, no, I see their point. You let one gay man into theatre, and the next thing you know, more will follow. If we’re going to keep the world of theatre straight, strong action must be taken.


Obviously, xizor, sweet reason is not the guiding force behind such actions…

  • Rick

I’ve often wondered…
Are these guys threatened this much because of a moral agenda (arson is illegal and therefore immoral), or are they just closeted gay guys in denial?

I’m straight. I don’t understand the whole gay thing, but I don’t have any urges to beat the crap out of anyone based on… well anything really, but seeing gay people just doesn’t make me feel threatened enough about my own sexuality to feel like I need to use violence to blot out of my sight those latent sexual urges (my primary theory on gay-basher-motivation).

Thats horrible.

I love those musicals. We lost cool stuff, not to mention the home of a talented individual because people are stupid?

Burn down something worth it. I know my dorm is a disaster waiting to happen, and you could do a good deed by getting college kids new housing.

I bet it was Cameron who just did something really stupid and caught his own house on fire.

That would have been pretty hard, since he wasn’t even there at the time!

I don’t think we can rule out theatre lovers as possible suspects.


News reports (BBC Radio 4) say that the Fire Brigade are now focusing on a gas explosion as the most likely cause.

I haven’t seen anything in the British press to support this statement. Is this how it is being reported in the US?

Don’t get outraged yet until there is proof. A blurb I heard on NPR yeterday claimed that “investigators were shifting their focus from earlier theories of arson to that of an accidental electrical fire”.

Thanks to TomH and Anthractie for bringing this to my attention. The bit about it being a “possible gay hate crime” was reported on several theatre sites.

I’m still sadden by the horrible loss of theatre memobilia.

IF this was arson and IF it was an anti-gay hate crime…If this wasn’t a famous person…if it was just a normal, plain, everyday gay couple living in a plain, normal house with no “priceless works” of any kind…I know it wouldn’t make world news, but would people still be outraged?

I understand.

(Anthracite hugs Annie-Xmas and pats her shoulders)

RonA, I would be.


About arson that ruined people’s belongings that were precious to them? Yes.