Another geocaching puzzle

Here’s another geocaching puzzle (if somebody can help, it will save my sanity)!

Bogus coordinates: N 42° 00.000 W 071° 00.000

Geocaching guidelines state actual coordinates must be within 2 miles of bogus; creator of puzzle told me it’s approximately 2.1 miles (not much of a difference).

This is the “puzzle” to be decoded into numbers:

ApyLofJw oQQkOsZ

Clues, according to the creator, are:

  1. not any type of official code or cipher; it’s something they created them self.
  2. “it’s at your fingertips”
  3. “After all, the shape of the number is a type of font. Think about what the numbers could mean, what they might stand for.”
    Note: still waiting for clarification if they really meant to say “letter” instead of “number”

Personal observations:

  1. Upper and lower case numbers - meaningful or red herrings?
  2. Upper case letters = 7 (number of digits in North coordinates); Lower case letters = 8 (number of digits in West coordinates).
  3. First block of letters = 8 (number of digits in West coordinates); Second block of letters = 7 (number of digits in North coordinates).

H E L P!! ~ I need my sanity back! :eek: