Geocaching Puzzle (if you're bored)

Hi guys, want to work on a puzzle I found on a geocache near my house? It’s gone over a year without being solved, which is quite extraordinary. It is a members-only one, so I can’t link to it (unless you are a premium member, then it is GC2Y8CE). Here are the basics:

Bogus coords: N 41° 34.338 W 071° 00.126 Rules say the actual spot must be within a 2mi radius.

Actual puzzle is housed here:

Presumably the left 4 fish are the digits in the Lat, and the right 4 are the Lon digits. (Not 100%, just most likely)

They fit in this coord set: N 41 3 _ . _ _ _ W 070 5 _ . _ _ _

According to the cache owner, the dots are made up of four colors regardless of some off shading, I call them: Green, Red, Blue, Purple

Things I have tried so far: Since some teeth go up and others down, I first tried assigning some numbers to each color and going up and down, but the bottom left fish has 6 “up” teeth and no down, so even assigning low numbers (1,2,3,4) results in double digits. I am not saying this is a dead end, maybe you start with a negative, I just had no luck in this line of thinking.

They form patterns of 12 like this (with the first letter of the color name and ‘.’ for blank teeth):

Left #2 B…RPBRG.PB.
Left #3 .P…B.GBR…P
Left #4 .R.B.G.P.B.G
Right #2 …PRBPRBG.P.
Right #3 .RB.GPG.RB…
So…any ideas?
BTW, if you do come up with a solution, it can be verified at:

I haven’t figured it out, but …
I notice that colors never are repeated. No Green next to another green, or red next to another red.
Also we do have some clues what the numbers must be
They fit in this coord set: N 41 3 _ . _ _ _ W 070 5 _ . _ _ _ and to be in the 2 mile zone, I get that the lat must be N 41 32 to N 41 36 and long must be W 70 58 or larger, which limits that digit to 8 or 9. If we assume that is the Right #1 fish, it is also the one with all of the teeth dotted.

TexCat, I think you are probably on to something with the 8/9 digit, with the 9 maybe correlating with the full fish. But I should point out that the digit could also be a 7, since it would be juuuuuust slightly inside the easterly sliver of the 2mi radius. (070 57.999’W is 1.8344mi east for example)