Another hole in my head!!

While I was in Ottawa last month, I went with my friends Amy and her hubby Greg so she could book an appointment for her 2nd tattoo and for her to get her nose pierced. While we were waiting, I got to looking at the body jewelry and thought “Huh. You know, I had my left upper ear pierced and it didn’t work so well, maybe I should try again. Naaah…”

I did. Hurt like a BITCH and a half, but it looks nice and is healing wonderfully. No keloiding, nothing, no infections. Don’t know what I’m doing right but it works! So for any of you in the Ottawa area, I highly recommend New Moon Tattoo & Body Piercing for all your body mod needs/wants/desires.

Now to plan another ear piercing and a tatt…mwhahaha!

I had a hard time with my upper ear too. It looked so cool but it was such a bitch to sleep on and I don’t think it ever healed right. It closed right up once I took the stud out.

What do you have in it now? What do you plan on wearing in it? And is your hair short enough to see it? :slight_smile:

I have a CBR in it and will probably keep a CBR in it after it heals. My hair is pretty long so it’s hidden, but I do wear it up a lot to show it off!