Another HTML question.

Greetings! I have been tasked with transfering my organization’s web site onto a CD-ROM so it can be shown in places without internet access. I have downloaded all of the files to the hard drive on my computer, and preserved the original directory structure. As a result, all of the internal links work, except one: on almost every sub-page, there is a link back to our main page. This link is simply to the main directory, rather than a specific html file. Said directory contains the front page, called index.htm, that should load. Instead, on my local copy, I simply see a directory listing, rather then the html document. Is there any way to correct this? Our web site contains over 2,000 seperate sub-pages, so editing them with a hard link is not a realistic option. Any and all advice appreciated.

You can only use directory links - i.e. “url/” rather than “url/index.html” if the HTML is being delivered over a webserver that resolves a trailing slash to the default root file.

No easy way to say this: either run the HTML off a webserver on the CD-ROM, or update every single link (you can use a tool to do this, such as the universal find & replace in HomeSite).

If you can get one of the go to home page links to work properly, go to a software site like and look for a program that has “find and replace” text globally(across many files).

If you’re doing this kind of stuff regularly, you might want to get and learn Perl, which handles text very well.

I have nothing much to add except that EditPad is what I tend to use for multiple find-and-replace.

Thanks, all. I used a search and replace utility to specify a file and directory.

Seeing that you’ve got it fixed already… incase you need to do this kinda stuff more often… or the next time you need to update the CD…

You could try using one of those “download the entire website for offline browsing” thingies. I’ve used WebZip from and it works amazingly well.