Another "I can’t believe this contains alcohol” thread

What drinks do you know that taste a lot better then they should considering how alcoholic they are? My criteria are along the lines of – If it needs a chaser it’s probably not too tasty. My current favorites are:

Spiked Mimosa – 50% Champagne, 35% OJ, 15% Vodka (with some ice)
The juice takes the edge off the vodka and prevents aftertaste while the bubbles from the champagne and the ice numb the mouth down so as to make it very smooth to drink. Also it is freakishly strong as the carbonation allows for more alcohol to enter the bloodstream though the pores under the tongue.

Nuts and Berries – 25% Vodka, 25% Amaretto, 50% Irish Cream
This is really strong but the only way you can tell its alcoholic is by a slight burn at the back of the throat. The Irish Cream smoothes away the hard taste of vodka and together with the Amaretto provides for an aftertaste you can actually enjoy rather then gag over.

So dopers what pleasant tasting but hard hitting drinks do you (it being a Friday and all…)?

Long Island Ice Tea is pretty strong but I think it tastes really good. I usually can’t drink things with a really high alcohol content (like shots), but I can handle Long Island Iced Tea.

Well, some of us think alcohol tastes good. Pleasant tasting but hard hitting include single-malt scotch, cognac, martinis, etc.

A Sloe Gin Fizz.