Another ID the song thread (Very few clues)

OK, I heard this in a Borders bookstore some years back, and I’ve begun thinking about it more recently.

The song most likely comes off a compilation of humorous older style military songs, possibly from WWII, and I seem to remember that on the album cover is an old-style cartoon of a soldier holding onto a rope with his ass in the breeze while shooting, explosions, and assorted mayhem.

The song itself is set up like a cadence with a heavy drum beat and sung in an Irish or Scottish brogue about a gunner (I think maybe a tailgunner) and goes something like “save the tailgunner’s ass” or “save the gunner’s ass.” It’s definitely not a cadence; it sounds like something that could have been sung by drunk GI’s in a bar during the war. I also think I heard a “goddamn” in there somewhere.

Again, I’m not sure about the album itself, and I only heard the song once about eight years ago. Sorry about the lack of clues, but if you can solve this, you will officially be on my “Most Awesome Things in the Universe (Next to Hot Monkey Sex)” list.

Thanks, all!

Was there a name in the lyrics? I vaguely remember a jaunty song about a tail gunner, [someone] the [something] tail gunner. Thompson or Johnson, maybe?

A search brings up nothing in the first few pages, thanks to an Iron Maiden song called Tail Gunner. Nothing at Wiki either, at least under the search terms I’m using.

But now I’m curious too.

My daughter (the music fan) just called. I asked her and she thinks it’s Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner by Warren Zevon.

Thank you both for your input. Nope, not Roland. I’m a Warren Zevon fan, and it’s definitely not Roland.

Any of these?

I’m thinking Spike Jones, but I have no more specific insight…


Johnny L.A.'s suggestion matches the OP’s description of the album cover. Maybe that’s it!

That’s it!! Goddamn, you people are good!!

I honestly didn’t expect to get an answer to this at all, let alone the same day. Johhny, Auntie, wheresgeorge04, Maserschmidt, thank you all very much for your input.

The song itself was actually Save a Fighter Pilot’s Ass, but I’ve already listened to a couple of them, and when I get a bit more settled, I might get the whole thing from Amazon. Thanks again, you’ve all made my night!

That’s the first song that came into my head upon reading the OP, only I didn’t mention it because it concerns fighter pilots and not tailgunners.

I have Wild Blue Yonder on LP. Thanks to this thread, I’ve ordered Four Albums of Military Song from Oscar Brand so I can finally put it into iTunes.

FWIW, my favourite songs on Wild Blue Yonder are I Wanted Wings (if only I had a budget and connections I’d make a movie) and Wreck Of The Old Ninety-Seven (though his math is wrong in that one).

Might I recommend Bull Durham’s Songs of SAC/Songs of SEA if you like militaria?

  1. No SAC Crewmembers Down In Hell

According to Oscar Brand, there are no fighter pilots down in Hell! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, there are no fighter pilot down in Hell
Oh, there are no fighter pilot down in Hell
The place is full of queers
Navigators, bombardiers
But there are no fighter pilot down in Hell

And… it’s in my iTunes. :slight_smile: