Favourite obscure rock songs

What are your favourite lesser-known rock songs?

Transfusion, Nervous Norvus

Montrose - Starliner. Wore out my cut of this.

Diesel “Sausalito Summernight”

Season of the Witch

Pearl Harbour, from her album Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost Too:

Everybody’s Boring But My Baby

(Warning: MySpace link)

Gruppo Sportivo Dreamin’

I’m pretty sure that was a popular song that charted back in the day. The album it came from was a smash hit, so the song got wide play.

Ed Hall Jungle Labototany (trust me, the youtube vid has the title wrong, I own the album)

13 Women, Bill Haley & The Comets. It was the B side for Rock Around The Clock, as I recall.

Danm, don’t how I haven’t heard that one, thanks!

There are so many. Just for a start:
Spirit – Prelude/Nothing to Hide
Kak – Electric Sailor
Renaissance – Kings and Queens
The Anemic Boyfriend – Guys are Not Proud.

A great surf tune in the Dick Dale tradition:
The Red Elvises - El Niño
I’m linking to it because of Them Changes, but his version of Dreams is pretty great too. I shouldn’t temp fate, but I haven’t heard a version of Dreams I didn’t love. Plus, enjoy Hef’s early 70’s Playboy lifestyle.
Buddy Miles - Them Changes

Edit: not rare tunes, per se, but I haven’t heard anyone ever mention Miles’ versions.

That song was a big hit around the time that I graduated from high school.

Here are a few others most, if not all, of you have probably never heard.

“The Voyager” - Gamma
“Anagram (for Mongo)” - Rush
“The Daily Planet” - Love
“Combed Earth” - Drasbury

Trivia note: this song appeared in an episode of Leave It to Beaver. Sort of. Lumpy Rutherford was seen singing the “Zoom, zoom, zooma-zooma-zooma-zooma” refrain to himself while waiting in a car.


Like that’ll ever happen.

Love and Death of an American Guitar.

“Desperados Under The Eaves”-Warren Zevon

Mink De Ville - She’s So Tough http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOjH_lT2jKI

A completely tight piece of rock and fairly obscure.


Mobile link to Don Dixon - Praying Mantis. Mid’80’s song by a guy who was one of the first producers for R.E.M. Sounds a bit like Joe Jackson’s Is She Really Going Out with Him, with fun lyrics about how the guy can tell that this girl he met eyes him the way a PM would.

First song that came to mind - but there are so many…

Jimi Hendrix - Remember
Rush - Analog Kid
U2 - Day Without Me
Who - I’ve Known No War