Another "ID this song for me" thread

I believe this song came out sometime in the middle of the 2000s decade. The only part I remember is a short three-note riff that repeats every so often. It sounds like it was played by a violin or some other string instrument (possibly synthesized). The notes may have been F#-F#-G, followed by a pause. I think the first note was longer than the second and third notes. I don’t even know if the song had any lyrics or not.

I’m almost certain that the song was used in a Budweiser or Bud Light commercial around the same time. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

Bittersweet Symphony?

Lux Aeterna?

I found the commercial for Budweiser Select on youtube (here). In the comments section, depending on which comment you read, the song is either “Kedba Bayna” by Najat Aatabou or “Galvanize” by the Chemical Brothers. (The Chemical Brothers sampled the Aatabou song.)

Sounds like Chemical Bros “galvanize” which included the recognizable vocals of Q-Tip “Don’t hold back”

Here’s the Wiki on it, explaining the samples and mentioning the commercial.

Do you have an iPod or iPad? There’s an app called Soundhound which might id it. It sometimes works amazingly well- I wanted to know the tune played in the Fleischer cartoon “Koko’s Earth Control”, and it immediately named the right Paul Whiteman Orchestra tune simply by holding my Ipod to my speakers. Other times it draws a blank, but it’s free so no complaints.