Another "ID this TV show please?" thread

The show featured a pre-WW2 American civilian pilot flying a seaplane around the south pacific. Part time transport/charter service, part time smuggler, all purpose smiling rogue, he constantly managed to get into typical scrapes with various authority figures and criminal elements.

I’m not sure of the year but it was definitely pre-1985. I’d bet money that the show was part of the TV industry’s reaction to the 1981 success of Raiders of the Lost Ark as I remember the character having a very “Indiana Jones” nature.

Any guesses?

Tales of the Gold Monkey

Got it in one! Many thanks kind sir.

Well, it was either that or TaleSpin but since you didn’t mention cartoon bears…

As an incidental note, Bruce Boxleitner (who’d starred in Bring 'Em Back Alive, a show that ran around the same time as Tales of the Gold Monkey and had a similar 1930s South Pacific adventure setting) took another shot at the genre in 1989’s The Road Raiders, a movie about a bunch of A-Team-ish misfits hassling the Japanese as the Pacific War gets underway. It had the look of a pilot movie, but no television series resulted.