Another "ID this TV show" thread.

I’m looking for a tv show that would have aired, I think within the last ten years, possibly on Comedy Central. The concept was that it was a comedian who would sit in a chair, and would critique/criticize other comedians. The “host,” who sat in the chair, would comment on their jokes (comments like “you actually think that rabbi jokes are funny?”

The host, as I recall, was a white male in his 40s, with dark curly hair. His first name may have been Jon. Or maybe Ben.

Not much to go on, I know, but you guys (and gals) are so good at this sort of thing!

Possibly “The Burn” with Jeff Ross? I caught an episode the other day, and it seemed to be like you’re talking about. Except this show debuted this year.

Maybe a Showtime program called The Green Room with Paul Provenza.

Certainly not The Burn, although I loves me some Jeff Ross. This definitely aired before this year.

Not The Green Room, either. But I appreciate the guesses.

I’m thinking The Benson Interruption. It had a throne, and the guy’s name has “Ben” in it. I caught a couple of glimpses, but never really got into it.