Anybody catch "Chapelle's Show" on Comedy Central?

I have missed it for the last two weeks an I wanted to check it out. The commercials look funny as hell. Especially the one where he spoofs the mitsubishi commercial with the girl dancing in the car.

Anyone see any of this show? Is it as good as the commercials look?

I saw one. It wasn’t all that funny (IMHO of course). A lot of the stuff seems like a funny idea, but then it gets dragged out for way too long in the execution. The Mitsubishi commercial is a good example. It’s funny seeing that for a few seconds on the ad for the show, but the actual skit wasn’t that great. They also had a blind white-supremecist who didn’t know he himself was black. Made for a couple of funny moments, but the skit in its entirety didn’t hold up.

It’s normal rookie sketch-comedy IMO. Funny ideas, but he hasn’t nailed how to pull 'em off yet. Dave himself seems like a pretty funny guy though, so the potential is there.

It looks funny and i would like to see it.
I like the commerical where he goes
“dog food tastes just like it smells- Delicious!!”


Yeah, that one was pretty funny too. Actually all the commercials are pretty funny. I would like to see an episode or two.

Overall it was hit or miss, with the hit, IMHO, being the copy shop training video, featuring such tips as, hold intimidating or uncomfortable conversations in front of the customers (ex. “I’ll go to Rikers for three years to make a point. That’s just me” and "My ass itches, and I took a shower today, Can Help You?)
That skit made the show for me.

I’ve seen the first 2 episodes, and I liked them a lot. The Mitsubishi spoof was excellent. I agree that the white supremacist sketch was kinda slow, but one bad sketch doesn’t bother me when you compare it to those 2 sketch comedy shows that air on Saturday night, where you’re lucky if you get one GOOD sketch.

I’ve seen both episodes and it’s very funny. Both the Copy Shop skit and the part in the second episode where he had the pretty white girl singing some fairly awful things cracked me up.