Another infomercial Q. (and sex)

Sleeplessly rolling through the increasingly personalized cable channels the other night, my attention was held by a “program” featuring 2 well-educated spinsters having a round table (or maybe that’s linear table, since it was just the two) about reading. One was touting a new way to peruse the pages that was even faster than speed reading; he deemed Evelyn Wood’s techniques worthless.
His friend listened, nodded, and mugged attentively while it was explained to him that it could increase reading speed to a page a second (picture books not included here). He then demonstrated by grabbing a book that he claimed to have never seen before, flip through a chapter in about 20 seconds, and correctly answer several questions in re. Flashy ads followed with 800 #s

Please tell me someone out there fell for this so I can know the results (if any) of this technique! Must… control… im…pulse…to buy…

Oh yeah, the “and sex” part. Just seems ya get a lot more peepers if you spice up the title, no?

Very bad idea. If your thread gets deleted by the moderators, you’ll get very few peepers indeed. The Powers that Be here frown strongly on misleading subject lines to attract attention. I recommend that you e-mail one or more of the moderators of this forum, apologize, and ask them to change the topic line.