Another item off my Bucket list (Paul Simon in Concert)

Got to see Paul last night at Amalie Arena in Tampa FL, part of his farewell tour…Any neighborhood Dopers at that same concert? Anyone else see him recently? It was an Amazing amazing show!!!

I saw the same show but in Vegas- it was very good though I was sorry he only had one member of Lady Blacksmith Mambazo there- the Graceland songs definitely missed them but it was still a wonderful show and he’s an amazing performer still.

Saw him in Dublin a couple of weeks ago. Great show, great interaction with the crowd and a lot of very happy senior citizens rocking out with him one last time.

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I saw him all those years ago in Central Park in NYC. That was in 1991, holy crap. So no, not recently.

I’d love the chance to see Paul Simon.

Glad to hear that he’s still putting on a great show.

I saw his show when he came through Chicago a couple of months ago. He wasn’t necessarily on my concert bucket list, but when I learned that it’s his final tour, and some friends asked me if I’d like to join them, I jumped at the chance.

And, I agree, it was a great show! I know that Simon has a reputation for being difficult, and sometimes cranky, but he was clearly into it that evening (in a good way): smiling frequently, engaging with the audience in between songs, and even dancing a little bit. He has an outstanding band with him, and it was a great evening of music.

The Graceland concert was, hands down, the best concert I have ever seen.

I was especially impressed that during the opening acts by Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Simon was on stage, singing and playing back-up. Struck me as very generous.

I enjoyed seeing Garfunkel and Simon not long ago.

Garfunkel was in Milwaukee back in January 2017, and Simon also performed there later that year, at Summerfest. Quite the show.

So now I can say I’ve seen Garfunkel and Simon. In that order.

Garfunkel’s show was wonderful in that it really resonated for the most nostalgic of fans (such as myself). He tries to make it sound the same way it did back in the 60’s. And mostly succeeded, to my delight.

Simon is, IMHO, the better artist. He rarely sounded like he did back in the 60’s, except when he purposely meant to. Otherwise he showcased his musical evolution over the decades, and he’s done great new things in every decade since the 1960’s.

I’ve got a ticket to see him at Madison Square Garden in a few weeks and two tickets to his farewell performance at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Glad to hear you liked the show.

I sort of saw him & Bob Dylan sharing the bill at Summerfest once. It was just so hot & humid that night with no breeze at all, we couldn’t bear to go to our seats. So we wandered up and down the concourse for a while until security got tired of us.

Glad to hear it was a good show. His performance at the DNC was depressing and made me think he needed to retire right then.

At the other end of his career, I saw Simon & Garfunkel in '67 and '68. Although both venues were big (San Diego Golden Hall, San Diego Sports Arena) both sets consisted of two voices, one guitar, three microphones, one stool. They were wonderful.

My sisters saw him in 67 at the Univ. of Illinois in Champaign when my eldest sister was a student there. I was only seven so couldn’t go. I was crushed.

I saw him a few years ago. When he returned to the stage alone after the set break, it was utterly obvious that we were about to hear “Sound of Silence”.