Another military academy is closing

This one, Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington Missouri.

The school has been down in numbers for quite a while and had tried to reinvent itself as community college and day school. However from reading comments it wasnt being managed very well.

I didn’t know there was a rash of military academies closing.

Good, Bad, Indifferent? I’ve known some people that went to help and the school was perfect for them, for others it was “mom and dad don’t want to deal with a teenager, we’ll let someone else yell at them” and they hated it.

The following makes me think it had unsolvable problems:

Sounds like they decided to wrap up on their own terms rather than wait for accreditation to get yanked and have to close whether they liked it or not (Not that the accreditation body can close the school themselves, but having a school lose accreditation probably loses it a lot of other things it needs to be open)

Yellow: Yeah, thats what I am taking away from this.

Actually it seemed like for years they were moving away from the residential military school thing. One person was commenting that in the last few years they have had an influx of bad students from foreign countries that they tolerated because of the money.