Another MS Excel Question (Shrinking Charts)

Hey all. I’m attempting to shrink charts made in Excel so they will fit on a poster, but nothing is working. I got it to shrink in MS Paint, but it looked awful (disappearing lines, words, etc.). Any suggestions?

Can you double-click on the chart and adjust the size there? When I need to make a chart smaller, I will usually double-click to edit the chart itself - then I will actually enlarge the size so that it fills up nearly the entire chart area. Then, I will click off of it and re-size the chart area. Since you enlarged the chart itself, the size adjustment will be better.

Does that make sense?

Have you tried using File|Page Setup to adjust scaling when you print?

I’m not sure I even understand your challenge, however, when you talk about disappearing lines or words, it leads me to this suggestion:

In Excel, when editing the chart, increase the size of all the lines and the fonts. This will actually make the chart/graph itself a bit smaller, to make room for the larger fonts. Then select the chart, and when you paste, paste it into the application you are using to create the poster as a picture (Picture - Enhanced Metafile) instead of an Excel Chart Object. When you then shrink it, it will keep everything relative to each other, and the fonts and lines will still be visible.

Are you copying the chart into your poster as a bit-map object? Then you can change the size to your satisfaction any way you like. That’s the way I’ve always done it without any problems. I don’t know why you’re trying to shrink it in MS Paint; that’s probably why you’re losing resolution in your picture.