Help putting excel charts on website


My husband needs some help with putting MS Excel charts on a website, so I offered to post his questions here to see if anyone on the SD could help. Here is his problem:

I have some data in Excel that I want to get on a web page. The previous
version of the web page includes a chart and a table of data, both included
in a single GIF image that is added to the page. But when I try to update
the data I run into a few problems:

  1. When I save the data from excel, the chart becomes a gif image, and the
    table is turned into an html table. How do I create a GIF that includes
    both? (I don’t want to have to re-write the rest of the page if I can avoid

  2. When I attempt to scale the image, either on the web page as part of
    the IMG tag, or using a separate tool (I tried MGI Photosuite), the text
    resolution looks horrid.

I know it can work, it’s been done before. Unfortunately, there is NO
information on how it was done. The person’s gone; the computers are all
completely different; we’re even running completely different apps (I have
no idea what they had access to previously).

Help ! (and thanks)

I’m asssuming that the File -> Save as Web Page option has been measured and has been founding wanting.

If the Excel spreadsheet isn’t huge – and can all be seen legibly on the screen at one time – you can use Window’s Print Screen function to create a raster image of the spreadsheet. Make that a GIF, if you like in MS Paint or your favorite image editing software.