Possible to 'save as web page' in Excel with NO formatting/Pure table HTML???

Multiple question marks to express lack of confidence in affirmation of question. (This is Microsoft we’re talking about!)
I have an intranet which, amongst other things, contains a regularly updated rota.

It uses an ASP #include directive to include the rota file (rota.htm) into index.asp (the default page of the intranet)

index.asp contains has a set of CSS styles.

rota.htm is the result of doing ‘save as web page’ on a selection excel. It ends up with a gazillion lines of Microsoft gobbledygunk surrounding the actual content that was selected. I’d quite like to be able to save JUST THE TABLE part (the bits inside <table><tr><td> tags) and use my own CSS styling on the page (which should be automatic if it’s an ASP include. It will use the same CSS as the page it’s been included into)

Is anything approaching this remotely possible in excel?

How about an Excel macro?

Or saving rota.htm as a .csv file and writing an ASP script to convert it into a table?

Or using ASP to clean up rota.htm before the include?

Cutting and pasting into a program like Dreamweaver?

Can you save the rota as a CSV and then use it as a data source for a table in ASP?

Hard-code the path of the CSV file and every time the table needs to be updated, save the workbook to CSV and replace the old one on the web server with the new one you just made.

You can also try running the html through a Word cleaner, like here. That sort of thing is common in a lot of web-based WYSIWYG editors. But, Excel has even more formatting than Word I think, so you might not get it all. Google “remove microsoft formatting” for more examples - that was just the first one I came to.

That word cleaner seems to do a pretty good job. Reduced 1141 lines to 155. This is a 13x8 grid containing text and numbers.

All Office applications are designed so that the output of one app is easily read by another Office app, even if you select the ‘save as web page.’ Compatibility with non-Microsoft applications, let alone industry standards, does not enter the picture.

As already mentioned, save the output of the spreadsheet as a .csv file and import it into your .asp application as a data table.

If you have access to Dreamweaver, it will import table files like CSV and turn them into plain old html tables. You can then export that page as rota.htm

Just go to Import > Tabular Data and import your CSV or XS file.