Simple HTML/email question

I have a large excel file that I’d like to provide to recipients via an e-mailed Internet link. The problem is that when people on the other end click on the link, it opens in their browser and the content is displayed as a bunch of “garbage” characters. Even if they right click and choose “save as”, the “save as” box prompts for an *.htm page – it’s only possible in that case to see the Excel file by going into the “save as” dialogue box and adding the extension *.xls, which is a bit of a pain.

Is it possible to use some HTML settings in the original link to automatically prompt the user to save as xls instead of htm? Or better yet, click and automatically open in the browser as an excel file?

Hope that makes sense . . .

The server is probably not configured to send the right content-type header for excel files and is sending “Content-type: text/html” or text/plain instead of “Content-type: application/”.

You’ll either have to update the server configuration to recognize .xls files, or use some other format that is recognized (probably the easiest way to do the latter is to zip the excel file).

thanks – that makes sense.